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Hello? Is anybody there?

New research finds that agents ignore 1 in 3 leads… and they take rather too long to reply to emails.

The Negotiator

Woman on phone imageNew research by the lead control system Callwell has found that agents take an average of seven working hours and 11 minutes to respond to email leads – with a significant 36 per cent not being responded to at all within two working days.

Mal McCallion image“It’s become so ‘normal’ for branches not to deal with some leads at all that potential clients clearly remember those that do respond – and respond quickly,” says Callwell Managing Director, Mal McCallion (left).

“Not only does an immediate response mean you catch the potential client instantly – and don’t have to waste hours leaving or responding to messages with or from them – your impressively swift call could also make the difference between you winning an instruction or letting a competitor do so.”

Callwell’s data backs up a Rightmove 2016 survey which found that 39 per cent of their email leads weren’t dealt with inside 24 hours. If a business does not get back to the client within a day, Callwell’s figures suggest, only 3 per cent are likely to call them on day two.

The average response time of agents that use Callwell, by contrast, is 48 minutes and 100 per cent of leads were responded to.

Greg Tsuman imageGreg Tsuman (right), Lettings Director of Martyn Gerrard says, “Callwell has made a huge difference to our business. It helps us enhance customer service experience – and we get to the leads much faster than any of our competitors.”

“There’s no doubt that Callwell can help quality agents win more business, at stronger fee rates, by harnessing the control that the system provides across every branch in an agent’s network,” adds Malcolm McCallion. “We’re here to ensure that the best agents consistently win more business at proper commissions, based on the demonstrable speed and control of their lead response.”

Callwell was created in 2013 by Rob Wellstead and relaunched to the wider estate and letting industry in 2016, following its discovery by industry leader Bob Scarff. In partnership with start-up expert Mal McCallion, Rob and Bob have created PropTech Solutions, a venture dedicated to bringing cutting-edge and easily applicable technologies to the property market.

For more information please contact Mal McCallion on 0777 9099 782 or [email protected].

September 10, 2016

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