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A true game changer in virtual viewings

Seamless, live and with full interaction, using the latest gaming and architectural technology, revvis creates property virtualisations that are a game changer for the property market.

Paul Spencer, Sales Managing Director Europe, revvis

With new government guidelines and virtual viewings becoming an ‘essential’ part of our ‘new norm’ before a physical viewing can take place, gaming technology specialist, Revvis, notes that tools required by developers and estate agents to impress potential buyers, ‘virtually’ are now vital.

Add the ability to market a new site from the moment planning permission is granted and Revvis is surely going to be a game changer for the industry.

With revvis you have the ability to virtually walk through ‘live’ any yet-to-be-built or existing property. You can accompany and guide a potential buyer,  and you can both interact with the property. It adds a new dimension to viewings.

Revvis is an augmented reality and virtual technology software application, bringing architects and gaming technology together, in an easy to use consumer friendly format. The revvis 3D interactive walkthroughs enable agents and house builders to build a greater rapport with buyers. Revvis gives you more than just a video or walkthrough and creates greater engagement in the property and ultimately converts to a physical viewing. You maximise sales and upsales – and it is even set up to assist with snagging.

A house builder can also implement their own catalogue, allowing the user to see the options available in reality.

Revvis has enhanced interactivity like no other kind of visualisation software currently on the market – revolutionising the way in which virtual tours are presented.

Revvis has enhanced interactivity like no other kind of visualisation software currently on the market – revolutionising the way in which virtual tours are presented.”

It’s a fully interactive virtual walk-through of every room in first-person, offering a very similar experience to that of a video game.

Revvis enables the agent and the buyer to use some exceptional interactive features and various design

options, whilst standing ‘inside’ the property. The user is able to plan and decorate the interior and the garden through a specialised menu. For example, you can view various kitchen and bathroom options; choose furniture and move it around; change the colour of the walls; select furnishings, fixtures, fittings, flooring and tiles; measure windows for curtains; check that their television isn’t too big for the living room or decide where would be best for their barbecue and outdoor furniture to go.

It is the only way to truly visualise the property as their new home. You can even add the actual view from the windows and change the time of day or night to see where the shadows are. Revvis doesn’t even need to visit or enter the actual property to create virtualisations. It’s a true game changer for our new world.

By giving buyers the chance to view, design and experience a property, either existing or pre-built, they can visualise and personalise their dream home in real time.”

By giving buyers the chance to view, design and experience a property, either existing or pre-built, they can visualise and personalise their dream home in real time. Businesses can deliver a deeper layer of engagement and information, so not only increasing the conversion of virtual to physical viewing, but gaining a much more informed and educated buyer, who will have a buying mindset far further advanced and more serious than previously.

Other benefits include upselling opportunities with the interior design packages; it’s easy to implement, with costs starting from £85 and can be created in 24 hours with fully annotated floorplans and elevations – no site visits are required. The technology can also be passed on to another owner in the future, allowing them to plan and redecorate their new home.

Having recently launched in March 2020, revvis is already working with a wide range of property professionals including housebuilders, developers including two of the top five real estate agents in the UK.

It’s our view that the ability to have a virtual product that has true interactivity, adding a different dimension to your conversations is key to building a great rapport with the buyer. Virtual tours should be more than just showing a video or walkthrough, but creating greater engagement in the property and ultimately converting it to either a physical viewing, maximising sales both off-plan and existing.

We at revvis strongly believe the short-term norm of virtual viewings will become the standard practice for estate agents and developers going forward as businesses adapt to a more dual process to qualifying properties – ie by both the agent or developer and potential buyer vetting before a physical viewing takes place.

Revvis has also embarked on a UK wide affiliate program, where those with contacts in the property market can earn attractive commission for introducing revvis.

For further information on revvis please see the brief Introductory video, visit our website or contact [email protected] to book an on line demonstration.

An example of a company which has been able to stay engaged with perspective buyers and effectively market to them thanks to revvis is Meyer Homes. Antony Crovella, sales and marketing director gave us this feedback: “Given the current climate, the ability to now give virtual tours of our properties has enabled us to keep marketing to potential buyers and give them a different way of interacting and viewing properties. We’re finding that demand is still high, especially given interest rates are at a record low, but people are understandably nervous about walking into a space where others have been at the moment.

“We are currently trialing the revvis software with a number of potential buyers for our townhouses at Gabriel Square in St Albans. Not only can they see what they look like inside, but also have a browse through various interior design options, to see what their home could look like with different furniture etc.”

See one of Revvis’ recent visualisations of Gabriel Square, below – a townhouse in a gated development in St Albans.

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