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How to get your branch window working harder

014-social-window-23Despite the digital revolution in recent years, if you were asked what’s the most important place to showcase your stock and services, it’s likely you would say your branch window.

There’s the usual property listings, achieved sales and lets or important calls to action such as inviting people in to reappraise their mortgages or announce that ‘Mr and Mrs Smith are looking for a four bedroom detached home on ABC road, can you help?’ But among these messages, what else could you do to ‘hook’ passers-by?

Activate those stickers

Most agents have placed OnTheMarket, Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation or similar stickers on the door, or corner of the main window, to tell everyone that they are list with the major property platforms. You may also display a sticker from The Guild of Professional Estate Agents to say that you are a member– but how many of the general public really know understand what The Guild is all about? Maybe The Property Ombudsman or the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has a place too?

Let’s take a look at the stickers themselves – are they being maximised to interact with those window shoppers passing by your agency? If every other estate agency window has the same stickers and displays them, most probably, in the same positions in their window displays as you do, it doesn’t really give you a competitve advantage.

What about making sure your stickers are ‘interactive’? By interactive, I mean incorporating either a QR code or Near Field Communications (NFC) chip which work with mobile devices. The window-shopper simply QR scans or taps a sticker or poster and is taken straight to your website – or starts following you on social media. Some of the portals provide such stickers with QR codes, so check that the ones in your window carry them.

The window shopper simply QR scans or taps a sticker or poster and is taken straight to your website.

Companies now offer the technology for you to create your own interactive stickers and we are seeing more and more evidence that it will play an important part in marketing of products and services online.

The competitive edge

“Competitive edge wins you new valuations” is a phrase I use when speaking to many estate agents. So how can we turn ‘static’ in to ‘interactive’ and what I describe as social window displays? 014-social-window-23-mid

We all know that social media is a great way to gather together active people that are using the internet and to distribute relevant news and information at key times when they are most active and responsive. When it comes to estate agency window displays, we can all agree that anyone stopping to look into an agency’s window is mostly likely to have ‘property’ on their mind. So by placing social media stickers in highly visible places, it becomes easier for them to connect, rather than just have static stickers saying, ‘We are on Facebook’.

Social media stickers can help to increase the chances of being able to socially engage with customers by having ‘Tap here’ or ‘Scan the QR code to ‘Like us’ and see our ‘Latest Listings.’ This enables us to optimise the opportunity of reaching a key target audience – the local window-shoppers.

Contactless stickers are an ideal way to build up the number of social media follows that you have as well as direct window shoppers to key pages, promotions and property listings on your website. If you have interactive portal stickers , then not only would window shoppers know you were on those portals, but they would also be able to tap or scan and see your listings straight away.

There are several companies offering contactless stickers which a Google search will show up. One supplier which already offers a bespoke service for estate agents is www.logotag.co.uk. So take another look at your branch windows – make sure they are also a window to your presence on the web.

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