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Since January, Arun Estates have donated £100 to local community food banks every time they attend a property valuation to help support their local communities with the growing cost-of-living crisis.

So far, the campaign, led by Group Managing Director, Aldo Sotgiu, has raised over £750,000, helping over 90 individual food banks.

On top of these generous donations, their agents have been visiting their local food banks to learn, volunteer and raise awareness of the local food banks in their area.

Arun Estates have been supporting their local communities, providing support to local charities through their local community foundations and in partnership with The Paul Rooney Family Foundation, for many years now.

Group Managing Director, Aldo Sotgiu, said: “It has been a truly humbling experience for all of us to learn more about how food banks support our local communities. To be able to support and provide in a way that gives back to our community is a great feeling and there is still so much more help we need to give over the coming months.”

For the second year running, the group will also be supporting vital funds for their charity partner, The Children’s Trust, and are planning a year filled with charitable activities and challenges.

Food bank image.

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