One million steps

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Industry consultant and one of the founding members of Agents Together, Michael Day, has committed to walking one million steps in support of Diabetes UK. Michael, who was diagnosed with type one diabetes thirty-five years ago and who had a successful triple heart bypass in 2021 says he is motivated by the challenge and has been moved by the volume of support and encouragement from family, friend and industry contacts. One million steps is the equivalent of walking around 500 miles.

Michael Day imageMichael said: “I decided I needed to get a little fitter and the Diabetes UK one million step challenge has come along at just the right time and provides me with the daily motivation to get off my backside and push myself to achieve the numbers whilst also raising awareness and much needed funds to support the efforts of the charity.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very positive outlook on life and that very little, if anything, phases me. I believe in controlling the things I can control and not stressing myself over the things that I can’t.”

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