Delegate Direct Action Pack – are you fit for the fight?

estate agents

Agents who register for the Conference by 5pm on 17th November will be given a free business health check. The analysis helps to ensure you are fit for the challenging conditions we find ourselves in.

The Negotiator has partnered with three leading companies to provide you with a bespoke analysis of your business, conducted externally by experts. Although this has great value, it is a free service, with no obligation to The Negotiator nor the companies with which we are collaborating. It is designed simply to help you improve your service and sharpen your business as part of your attendance at the Conference.

You don’t have to do anything, or engage with the companies. It is all executed externally.

Three areas of analysis

Website effectiveness – expert analysis by Homeflow. Your website will be analysed for SEO, speed, domain authority and you will be provided with easily achieved fixes for weaknesses identified.

Lead capture and handling – a mystery shop of your branch by marketing experts KnowYourMarket, part of, conducted by telephone to stress test your reception and call management, plus a mystery shop of your website to test effectiveness of your lead capture processes.

Reputation management – an assessment of the reputation of your brand and business across the social media channels, carried out by ViewAgents, a reputation management tool which will benchmark your agency and brand against competitors and highlight any issues you should address.

You’ll be handed your personal assessment at the Conference and our three partners will explain to the Conference delegates, how to interpret your results, in three short presentations. The intention is to give you directly actionable takeaways, that will improve your business practices within days.