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Rachel Canham
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Since beginning in 2007, we have always been acutely aware that doing right by our clients is the only way to grow a healthy and sustainable business. Having now sold over 40,000 properties with a collective value of £3.8 Billion, our client base has grown to include Asset Managers, Government Bodies, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Landlords, Investors, and hundreds of Private Sellers. With our vast network of experts successfully utilising their extensive local knowledge to the benefit of our clients, and our streamlined process making sales speedier than ever, Auction House has been rapidly established as the UK’s favourite property auctioneer – a title accredited to our sizable market share and client advocacy.

Our regional teams operate auctions across England, Scotland and Wales, offering clients the duality of unrivalled national coverage and fundamental regional awareness. The ever-expanding network of property specialists we have cultivated over the years has provided us with the ability to sell anything anywhere; whatever the size, condition or circumstance, there is nothing we haven’t seen or sold before. This includes properties in need or renovation, anything deemed unmortgageable, tenanted properties and anything considered unique or unconventional. Where the true value of a property is hard to determine, Auction House has proven that the market truth of auction will always find it.

From the moment of initial enquiry, our teams get to work to deliver clients the whole Auction House package. We offer a full range of services from appraisals to viewings, marketing programmes and beyond. Ensuring every part of the process has been completed meticulously prior to auction day is paramount to us as we understand that we are only as good as the success we bring our clients. As a result, we have developed a central servicing team responsible for co-ordinating every instruction, providing clients with a single point of contact, management and accountability throughout.

In light of the recent pandemic, we have innovatively reformed our auction method to prioritise the safety of our clients and maintain a strong level of consistency in our operations. With the introduction of livestream and online auctions, Auction House now delivers over 200 auctions a year. Whilst our regional livestream auctions have continued to invariably sell local properties to local buyers at much higher prices, the popularity of our weekly National Online Auctions has grown exponentially. This simple, convenient and effective platform has attracted purchases from across the globe and has vastly increased the scale of the audience a vendor will reach, resulting in far greater selling success. We have recently been achieving sales far in excess of the national average, with some Asset Managers achieving a success rate of 95% on their instructions. Each week, the National Online Auction is overseen by our Corporate Sales Team, whilst our local auction room teams promote the platform and host open house viewings.

Our immersion into the digital world has not come at a cost to our traditional values. Auction House maintains a traditional, unconditional method of selling with contracts exchanged on the day and completion following 28 days later, keeping fees fair and providing greater sale security. Whilst the conditional sale has seen a rise in the industry, mirroring the conditions of private treaty, we have upheld a conventional auction practise that priorities the speed, security and simplicity of the unconditional sale. Clients who choose Auction House can feel confident knowing completion is right around the corner.

We are always looking for new Partner Agents and would love to work with anyone looking to refer properties that may be difficult to sell through private treaty. Our Partner Agents benefit from keeping control of instructions whilst our network of industry experts start the ball rolling. We have plenty of flexible commission options to accommodate every type of circumstance and property asset. We would really like to work with you, if you feel the same, please let us know.