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Dataloft Inform provides instant insights and creative content on a local property market
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At Dataloft, we are experts at translating millions of data points into stories, trends and insights about the residential housing market. Dataloft Inform is our online platform that we will be exhibiting at the Negotiator Awards.

Packed with hyper-local content that will win, nurture and convert new business leads, Dataloft Inform will equip you with the tools to build trust in your brand.

Dataloft Inform provides insights and hyper-local content for the sales, lettings and new-build markets, down to postcode sector level. Available as property market reports, flyers and letters, as well as interactive charts, market commentary and infographics, Dataloft Inform can also feed automated local area insights to your website. Content to share, building life-long conversations with clients.

The content is used in various ways. Taking a market report to a valuation or a meeting with an investor or developer can add an extra layer of professionalism to help win instructions. The constantly updated data and insights are also ideal for marketing and brand building purposes. Content is used in email, websites, blogs, door drops, canvassing, social media and for lead capture, to name but a few examples.

Dataloft Inform subscribers come from a wide array of some of the leading property professionals in the market. All looking for an intelligent edge over their competitors, they want to gain quick and easy access to the latest market intelligence.

Most of our subscribers are estate agents, and we work with all business sizes. Keen to adopt new technology and wanting to super-charge their marketing, they all buy into the ethos that in order to win new business, it’s essential to demonstrate their expertise in the market, gaining the trust of homeowners. Examples of our smaller agents include Nicol & Co and Charters; medium sized groups include Gibbs Gillespie and Andrews, and national groups include Hunters and Leaders Romans Group.

We also work with in-house research teams like JLL, who use Dataloft Inform as an extra ‘virtual’ market analyst, saving them considerable amounts of time and money compared to employing another analyst. Developers like Bewley Homes use the market insights to gain an understanding of areas to develop in and to share their knowledge with landlords and investors. Buying agents like Garrington, who want to quickly understand markets they’re not familiar with also benefit from access to local market information in seconds.

“If you can be seen as an expert and the more you can position yourself as different, the easier it is to justify the fees that we should be getting. It’s up to me to prove my value and Dataloft Inform allows me to do that.” Chris Poulton, Martin & Co Sunderland

“We made a decision to provide Dataloft Inform to our whole network because we thought this was a brilliant product. It’s all about adding value to the customer at the end of the day. Anything that makes us look like informed agents is good. The customer feedback we get when branches use market reports on Dataloft Inform, for example, is just brilliant.” Adam Graver, Head of Marketing, Hunters

Dataloft also has two other key service offerings, Dataloft Consult and Dataloft Rental Market Analytics (DRMA).

Dataloft Consult is a data-driven research consultancy specialising in residential property and delivering in-depth analysis of local, national and international property markets. We undertake consultancy assignments to support business decision-making and produce publications that are central to our clients’ marketing strategy.

Dataloft Rental Market Analytics (DRMA) is the UK’s largest and most comprehensive single source of achieved rents. It includes over 5 million references, with coverage of around 37% of the market. Extensive rental data and insight is available through DRMA reports or bespoke Dataloft Consult analysis.