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Whether you are a small estate agency with one office or a multi-branch agency working across the UK, you need to handle your telephone calls with clients quickly and efficiently in an industry where speed is of the essence.

Here at Global 4, we have over 23 years’ experience working with estate agents call systems and requirements. We use our extensive understanding to review your existing set-up and recommend the best solution to meet all your current and future needs. We will share our knowledge regarding industry best practice so you can ensure you are working as productively as possible.

Furthermore, we can deliver a multitude of services under a single, simply monthly invoice, including; telephone lines & calls, phone systems, data connectivity, mobiles and IT services.

Never miss a potential buyers call

Potential buyers want to arrange viewings quickly so they have the first refusal on a property before anyone else sees it. Whether they are in the process of buying or selling their home, they want to speak to someone immediately to establish the current state of play on the sale. We have an extensive call overflow system so you will never miss a call again.

Personally address callers

Your customer service can set you apart from the other estate agents. Recognising the caller and addressing them personally is always a good start to a call and is well received. We can integrate our telephony systems into the top five CRM systems in the industry, enabling you to have highly personalised interactions with your clients.

Track call performance at multiple branches

Live transparency of the number of incoming calls, outbound calls, and missed calls including call recording is now a must have for agents. Our systems provide extensive call reports so you can use the statistics to track how branches are performing. You can also carry out call auditing with comprehensive recording of calls. This enables you to ensure negotiators represent your business appropriately. You can identify training requirements by listening to the recordings and provide constructive feedback to help negotiators improve their calls and conversion rates.

Reduce call expenditure by 80%

Historically most agents have too many telephone lines and have not taken full advantage of new technology. Our cloud based solution could reduce your expenditure on calls by up to 80%, with inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

Answer calls away from the office

Many negotiators are often away from the office conducting valuations and viewings. Using our smartphone app, their mobile phones become part of your telephone system as the app routes their office extension through to their mobile. It gives them caller display function and calls are charged to the office account. This technology removes the need to provide them with an additional ‘work’ mobile phone as they can use their own device.

Integrated Mobile Contracts

Global 4 can provide you with mobile connections at the lowest rates in the marketplace, whether you provide them to your workforce or simply want to include your own in the business agreement for tax benefit.

IT Services

Everyone knows a person who is competent at IT, which they call when they need to. However, what happens when they aren’t available as they’ve gone on holiday for two weeks? Unwell? Too busy? Other organisations already work with an IT company that provides you with a single line on an invoice and makes it far too complicated. We simplify the process and make clear what services you will receive at market-leading response & resolution times.

We look forward to meeting you

Come and see us at our stand and take part in our competition for a bottle of Champagne. We also have vegan brownies and a whole host of industry-specific knowledge to share with you!