Powering the digital property revolution

Offr is a transaction marketplace which allows agents to conduct a sale simultaneously on their own site, in their own branding.
Becky Hazell
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Offr is revolutionising the global real estate market. The firm has secured significant investment and support from major international groups such as Barclays (UK), the National Association of Realtors (USA), The European Investment Fund (EU), AIB and Bank of Ireland.

As a proptech start-up, Offr was built with a clear and simple goal in mind; to facilitate faster, more transparent, and more enjoyable property transactions for every stakeholder involved.

Offr is focused on rapidly scaling internationally and transforming the end-to-end process of buying and renting residential and commercial property through seamless digitised transactions, giving agents time to do what they do best – managing and advising.

At its core, Offr is driven by a team of passionate property and technology insiders, with longstanding experience in real estate, as well as engineering experts who work together to develop cutting-edge technology and shape the future of the industry.

With a strong people-centric approach to business, Offr is looking to continue expanding their team and bring together world-class talent to continue to collaborate, innovate, and disrupt the market.

Now people the world over can buy a property as easily as booking a flight.