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Direct Action Pack presentations

The Ballroom 24th November 2023 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Jeremy Harford Tapp
Richard Combellack
Annabel Goulden
David Mintz

Summary of main points    

Our property specialist partners present their analysis of delegate agents’ businesses, having tested live customer service standards, through mystery shopping, assessment of brand and business reputation and thorough examination of the effectiveness of each business’s website. In these short TED-Talk style presentations, they will highlight how their findings can lead to instant improvements in your business practices.


‘Mastering your digital presence: from lead generation to management and beyond’

Join HomeFlow’s Founder, Jeremy Harford Tapp, on a journey to master your digital presence in the estate agency sector.

This presentation will guide you through lead generation, from the top of the funnel with SEO and PPC strategies to the impact of design when leads land on your site, featuring “what good looks like” and “mistakes to avoid”.

Jeremy will explore Conversion Rate Analysis and optimisation tools, concluding with the critical aspect of handling leads at the back end with effective lead management.

Discover how to excel in lead generation and management, taking your estate agency’s digital presence to new heights.

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‘Improving customer service is no mystery’

Know Your Market has contributed to the Delegate Action Pack by mystery shopping participating agents in advance of the Conference.

At KnowYourMarket, we work with our clients as business improvement consultants. 
In our presentation, we will talk about the importance of customer experience, and how vital it is to not only growing your sales figures, but improving your overall business structure and processes to the highest level. 
At the end of the process, you will receive a bespoke report detailing the mystery shop, which will benchmark you versus all the other Negotiator Conference attendee agencies that have participated. 
By including some of your property competitors in the report, we will help gain direct insight into how they/you win business and benchmark your service offering against theirs to stay ahead. 

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‘Your reputation is your business – here’s how to keep it clean’

ViewAgents operates a reputation management tool to ensure your brand and its value are maintained and protected from the potentially damaging online world of social media. David Mintz explains how to manage your social profile and explains the findings from Direct Action Pack analysis of your business’s online reputation.

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