Online agency Panel debate

Panel debate – Are online estate agents here to stay?

The Ballroom 29th November 2019 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm

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Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE
Naveen Jaspal
Lauren Scott
Ian Lancaster
David Brierley
Howard Russell

Lord Finkelstein will chair the discussion.

Nearly five years since the online ‘land grab’ started in earnest with the launch of hybrid agencies such as Purplebricks and its many rivals, they are often seen as a significant threat to traditional high street agencies; but is this perspective accurate, and will online agents instead fit into the whole industry picture and offer a particular kind of vendor and landlord a service that others may eschew?

Areas the panel will cover are:

• What does the panel think the house buying and selling marketplace will look like in five years?

• Why haven’t online agents acquired more market share given the millions spent on marketing by Purplebricks and many other agents?

Is the lettings market about to be ‘disrupted’ in a similar way to sales by a new online business models gaining traction?

• Purplebricks famously incentivises its ‘local experts’ primarily by each listing but is this the most sensible way to drive growth in a business?

• Have online agencies made the mistake of believing that all consumers care about is cost, not customers service?

• What do you think traditional agents can learn from online and hybrid agencies?