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EPC rule changes

Getting on top of the new regulations.

The Negotiator

EPC regulations imageThe Government has announced that it has made some changes with regards to the new EPC regulations and the extraction of the first page of the EPC in PDF format, says Stephen O’Hara, Chairman of PEPA.

The Property and Energy Professionals Association (PEPA) has welcomed the Government’s decision to issue revised guidance surrounding the new regulations for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which came into force on the 6th April this year.

After lobbying the Government to make urgent amendments to the guidance, to allow the first page of the new style EPC to be separated from the full document, PEPA has congratulated the Government on a swift and proactive response. When the revised regulations came into force last month, it became a mandatory requirement that the first page of the new style EPC be attached to all sales particulars for any residential property being marketed for sale or rent. However, the guidance which was issued alongside the regulations, did not allow for the first page of the EPC to be separated from the full, typically four page electronic document, making it impossible for agents who wished to circulate any property particulars in electronic format to comply with the new requirements.

‘We’re delighted that the Government has listened to the industry and our calls for this vital amendment.’ Sephen O’Hara, PEPA

Stephen O'Hara PEPA imageStephen O’Hara, Chariman of PEPA said, “We are delighted that the Government has listened to the industry and our calls for this vital amendment to be introduced. We have been lobbying the Government to revise the guidance, to allow the first page of an electronic EPC to be separated and to exist as a single, standalone page, since the regulations first came into force.

“PEPA is a strong supporter of the revised EPC regulations and the positive impact they stand to have on improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s buildings. By ensuring that the first page of the  new style EPC, which now includes practical advice and guidance on how to improve the energy efficiency of a building, is attached to all property particulars, we can be confident that buyers and tenants will be able to access more upfront, practical information. This will allow them to not only make a more informed purchase decision but to reduce both their carbon emissions and their fuel bills. We look forward to continuing to work with both the industry and the Government to ensure that these new regulations are adhered to and to support consumers in making a better informed decision about their future home.”

Who’d have thought that implementing the new EPC regulations could be so tiring?’

Under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) a building is required to have an EPC when it is sold or let. From the 6th April this year, this requirement has now been extended to commercial buildings and domestic rental properties, with the agent or person marketing the property becoming liable for a fine if they do not correctly commission and present an up to date EPC to prospective buyers or tenants.

As part of the revised regulations, a new style EPC has been introduced for residential properties. It is now mandatory that the first page of the EPC is attached to written particulars for all properties marketed for sale or rent.


The Property & Energy Professionals Association (PEPA) is a trade body which represents business that is engaged in the provision of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs).

Members of the Association include companies that undertake and distribute EPCs and DECs, the accreditation schemes that oversee the products, the energy assessors that produce them and the technology companies that support the industry.

PEPA members represent a wide range of organisations, working within the energy space.

Members include:
NES Ltd: www.nesltd.co.uk
BRE: www.bre.co.uk
Quest Associates: www.questuk.com
Elmhurst Energy: www.elmhurstenergy.co.uk
CIBSE: www.cibseenergycentre.co.uk
Niche Communications: www.nichecom.co.uk
eTech: www.etech.net
KeyAGENT: www.keyagent.co.uk
Northgate Information Services: www.northgate-energy.com


June 3, 2012

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