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Estate agents don’t need targets to be successful, claims Keller Williams

Claim is part of the business's allure for the agents who join it, but will be anathema to many traditional estate agencies.

Nigel Lewis

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Eyebrows will be raised among some traditional estate agents following claims by a Keller Williams agent that a key plank of the company’s success was his lack of targets.

Glasgow estate agent Chris Maitland, who is based in the West End of the city, says he joined the hybrid firm because it leaves agents to set their own targets.

“There is no influence or coercion on me,” says Chris, he told local media.

“There is nothing worse than knowing that you have to achieve this target or that target.

“I gave a nurse a reduced rate recently because of the economic climate.

“There is no corporate structure that I have to adhere to – it is very much I’ll make the decision on how this goes and what’s best for the client.”

During the Covid lockdown Keller Williams announced that it has recruited some 250 agents and opened its 11th market centre, claiming that it was well on the way to being the UK’s No.1 estate agency.

Mind their own business

The KW head office agrees. A spokesperson told The Negotiator that: “Keller Williams agents run their own businesses. Some will certainly target themselves on achievements and that’s for them to decide – we don’t dictate on quantity of transactions nor hours worked. It’s not a corporate environment. Far from it.

“It’s more a question of goals. Some agents work 24/7, some part-time, some as a side-gig.

“This flexibility, supported by the largest real-estate business in the world is the beauty of the model and is why it’s expanding so quickly across the world and particularly in the UK.”

The company did say that its Market Centre, which agents are affiliated to, do have KPIs ‘to aspire to’ because it makes sound commercial sense.

Pictures: Glasgow West End Today.

September 23, 2020


  1. The issue isn’t about goals or targets – it’s about what needs to be done to achieve the result. Hustling on steroids isn’t a successful long term strategy.

    • KW would not care as they always get paid. Win win for them. This role is not for the faint hearted or lazy agents who want an easy ride. Success comes from true graft. Sadly most of these so called hybrid agents are failed high street agents who don’t wish to work too hard. Only the best and a few will make it in this industry. There will alway be a place for both but it always comes down to dedicated workers and the ones who love this business.

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