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Estate agency is fifth happiest industry in the UK

Poll of employees across 20 industries reveals that agents like the mix of good pay, prospects and team working.

Nigel Lewis

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Estate agency employees and others working in the property industry are the fifth most satisfied with their jobs, a new survey has revealed.

Agents like their job because it has a positive impact on people’s lives, offers good career and pay prospects and is a ‘team’ atmosphere to work within.

The only downside recorded by the those canvassed within the survey is is that mental health can be an issue within what is often a competitive sales environment, something industry charity Agents Together has been attempting to tackle.

Industries where job satisfaction is higher are technology, emergency services, finance and banking plus healthcare. Those within which worker satisfaction is lower include marketing, recruitment, education and hospitality.

Purpose and meaning

The research, commissioned by property firm Savoy Stewart, reveals that purpose and meaning in a job trump money as long as someone is earning enough to keep ‘their financial wellbeing in a stable place’, the report say.

This is the case for estate agency staff, who say the most important factors in their job satisfaction are that their role helps people move home and offers the opportunity to enjoy meaningful work relationships.

lee chambers“While our work is important, nothing is more important than our health and long-term happiness,” says psychologist Lee Chambers (pictured).

“For that reason, healthy boundaries are vital and reduce the impact that work has on other areas of your life. Starting to look for a positive work environment will fuel you by showing it’s possible to have a balanced life, and you are boosted by the fact you are taking action.”

January 18, 2021

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