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Aggressive Ewemove franchisee recruitment raises total to 149, results reveal

Company has been aggressively marketing its franchises and is 'well on way' to stated aim of 230 by end of next year.

Nigel Lewis


The ongoing and aggressive marketing by Ewemove of its franchises is producing results, the latest results from parent company TPFG reveal.

It highlights how Ewemove has sold 37 new territories during the first six months of the year up from six during the same period last and taking its total to an all-time high of 149 hybrid territories.

“This puts the Group well on track to achieve one of its core strategic aims: to double the size of EweMove territories to 230 by the end of 2022,” says TPFG boss Gareth Samples.

Ewemove has been running myriad campaigns on social media enticing recruits, including a recent post aimed at the Sheffield areas: “With property prices remaining high, now is a fantastic time to start looking at franchising with us, so make sure you get in touch before all the areas go,” it said.

The agency has also benefitted from the pandemic as former workers from Covid-hit industries have sought new sources of income and see the booming housing market as a safer bet.

Franchisee experience

As The Negotiator reported recently, this growth has been generated in part by recruiting people with little or no property industry experience, a common practice across the franchised estate agency sector.

In June we highlighted how a former South African forestry worker recently arrived in the UK had been given the title of ‘branch director’ despite only the company’s training programme behind him, while other recent recruits have included a former car valeter.

At the time of our story Propertymark pointed out that it supported the recruitment of franchisees by companies like Ewemove as long as they had structured support, it lamented that the industry still had no mandatory levels of qualifications or that quality of training is still not regulated.

July 29, 2021


  1. p.s. Do feel free to reach out for further comment on this should you wish Nigel.

  2. We’ve had some amazing success recently, not only in recruiting new franchisees but with the financial performance of our franchisees too. With our cloud-based technology and ‘work from anywhere’ model (home, office, high street) we were able to continue operating, talking to customers, during the first lock-down. Which helped us grow our market share significantly from 13th May last year when the first lockdown restrictions were eased for the property market. We did this as we didn’t have to recommission our staff and teams to get going again.

    And as far as recruiting from outside the industry is concerned, we have always done this since 2014. In fact, we only started accepting experienced agents from 2017. And what do we find?

    We find there is no difference. This is a people business and the key skills required are: Sales, customer service & knowing how to run a business.

    Experienced agents tend to be less well equipped to run a business where non-industry people have these skills. And agents know the ‘hustle of agency’ as one trainer I heard describe it, better than those from outside of the industry. But after a short time, everyone tends to be indistinguishable. Our top 20 performers have the same mix of agents/non-agents, as the rest of the network.

    It is definitely more about attitude and self-motivation than tree surgeon v experienced agent. And in fact, people who do join from other agencies rate our training, guidance and ongoing support as significantly better than anything else they have experienced in the industry before, which is why I am very positive towards mandatory training and qualifications being needed to work in our industry. That can’t come soon enough!

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