A.I. five! How to use ChatGPT in agency marketing

Artificial intelligence is already part of agency! Digital marketing expert, Nelly Berova suggests five great ways to use ChatGPT for your estate agency business.

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The arrival of ChatGPT has to be the digital event of 2023. The chat bot was launched by software company OpenAI in November 2022. Within two months it had 100 million users – it took Facebook more than four years to achieve this particular milestone. While artificial intelligence has been around for a while, the rapid adoption of ChatGPT is making people nervous – about its global impact on employment, education and trustworthiness of the information we consume.

Whether you’re wary about ChatGPT or think it’s the key to boosting productivity, there are things you should know before using the platform.

Authenticity – ChatGPT can write you an article, listing or social post at breakneck speed. It will be grammatical and read well but it won’t replicate the tone of voice of a real human writer.
Accuracy – ChatGPT sweeps the web for everything that’s been ever been written about your chosen topic – good or bad. It can’t promise factual accuracy, so you need to know your subject.

It’s only as good as the prompt you give it. What you get out of ChatGPT is very much down to what you put in.

It has limitations – basic, factual subject matter works better with ChatGPT than something more nuanced – weighing up pros and cons or discussing the state of the local market, for example.

With those caveats in mind, let’s dive into ChatGPT and find out what it can – and can’t – do for estate agency businesses.

Property listings

If churning out property listings is the bane of your life, a tool to take care of this job may seem like a dream come true. In fact, listings are among the most popular uses agents have found for bot. Remember to include all the key benefits of the property in your prompt.

Edit the content too, rather than reaching straight for copy and paste, to ensure the listing is doing the best job for your client and has the right tone and style.

Email newsletters

Email newsletters are one of your most important tools for reaching and converting customers, yet providing content month after month can feel like a chore. ChatGPT can be a good way of generating copy, but again we’d advise caution. Your emails are a key step in targeting customers with the precise information to draw them in. You can’t rely on the chat bot to channel those exact messages. Newsletters also require an engaging tone that expresses your brand’s personality. The content generated by ChatGPT will need a careful re-write to achieve that.

Blog articles

Informative blogs that solve the pain points of your audience are the key to raising awareness of your brand and generating leads. Writing them yourself can be time-consuming – meaning they often get shelved if time is tight. ChatGPT may seem like the perfect solution; you only need to give it a prompt and watch the whole article appear before your eyes.

What you get out is very much down to what you put in to ChatGPT.

Aside from the issues of tone and relevance to your precise audience, accuracy is something to consider here. It is vital that you know the subject well or carry out an extensive fact check using credible sources before you publish something generated by the bot.

Remember too that the free version of the platform won’t give you the most current information and data. That said, it is useful for sifting through the wealth of information out there, as long as you are prepared to put in the work to reshape it to suit your organisation’s style.

Social media posts

ChatGPT can be used for quickly generating simple, clear and informative social posts that you can schedule to your platforms, saving time and effort. As we’ve said, getting it right is all in the prompt, so make sure you include that key information in your command.

Video scripts

Creating lively and engaging video content is another core part of your digital marketing strategy. Videos don’t make themselves, however, you need to create a script. ChatGPT is good for generating ideas and getting you started, if this is a new area for you. Once you’re happy with the basic content of the script, get your speaker to ad lib or talk through it in their own words to ensure authenticity.

To sum up, while many people have misgivings about this brave new world, ChatGPT is hard to ignore. If you haven’t done so already, definitely have a look. Just be aware of its limitations and see the content it generates as, very much, your first draft.

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