BLOG: Can AI help agents get onto first page of Google results?

Nelly Berova discusses how artificial intelligence is vital in improving SEO for agents and property businesses.

AI and seo for agents

If you’re wondering whether SEO for agents will still be crucial in five or 10 years’ time, the answer is, almost certainly, yes. As long as people are buying, selling and letting houses, they will continue to ask Google pressing questions about the process. And brands whose answers appear high on the organic search pages will continue to rise above the competition.

With artificial intelligence being one of the major developments in characterising the marketing environment in 2023, should ChatGPT and other AI applications be part of the digital marketer’s toolkit?

For some, AI was a positive force, automating tasks to boost efficiency. For others, it meant a worrying shift from humans to machines. As for the role of AI in SEO, in our experience, automated tools can help – and hinder – SEO strategies for estate agency businesses.

ChatGPT and the like are undeniably helpful in speeding up your systems and processes – in subject matter research or writing numerous property listings, for example.

Help or hindrance?

Where AI can actually harm marketing efforts comes with misuse or relying on it too heavily. The thinking that ChatGPT is all that’s needed to write blogs will invariably lead to a massive influx of content – but it won’t necessarily be high quality or the best response to searchers’ intent.

While the chat bots can generate content quickly and easily, they lack the human touch. AI content can suffer from a bland tone of voice that isn’t relatable. And without proper fact checking there’s a risk of inaccuracies.

Remember that key to your digital marketing strategy is your analysis of your ideal customer – the first-time buyers, second-step sellers, confused new landlords and those looking to move agent that your business needs to target, right now. Success comes when your brand connects with these customers, responding to their wants and needs in a personal and local way.

As such, SEO for agents is about addressing the pain points, problems and questions these customers are asking of Google every day. AI generated content can answer some of these queries but will lack the nuance, depth and understanding that keeps people reading and responding to your brand.

AI generated content can answer some of these queries but will lack the nuance.”

It’s important to remember too that there is more to SEO than content production. Before you write a blog, you need do the leg work that involves keyword research, looking at what your competitors are doing, planning and scheduling your posts, building links and aligning what you write to customer intent. While AI can help with some of these areas, handing over your whole SEO strategy to automated systems isn’t quite there yet.

If you’re wondering how to navigate a future increasingly dominated by AI tools, our advice is to embrace it, while being aware of its limitations and retaining a critical eye and a level of human input.

Five steps for incorporating AI

When it comes to SEO strategy, it’s worth following these five key rules about incorporating AI:

  1. Put your customer first – remember everything comes back to your ideal customer profile and their wants needs and paint points.
  2. Have an open mind about AI – try out different uses for ChatGPT and any new applications that come down the line. You might find great ways to save time and boost efficiency – but understand their limitations.
  3. Remember there’s more to SEO than content production – you need to focus on the whole process or know someone who can. There isn’t a tool to do this all for you yet, that we know of.
  4. Continue to prize high quality written and video content that really responds to the things people are asking of Google in a human and relatable way. As time goes on, the internet will be increasingly flooded by AI generated blogs – make sure yours will stand out from the crowd.
  5. Design with mobile in mind – most property searches start on mobile devices and this can only increase as time goes on.

As we’ve said, the past year has brought immense change to the real estate marketing sector. AI is definitely a force to be reckoned with, but that doesn’t mean SEO for agents is in terminal decline.

AI has impinged on many areas but, according to commentators, it is unlikely to create a massive shift in the way we use Google any time soon. Keeping ahead of the game is about maximising the benefits of AI while retaining human input, combining efficiency with authenticity – and remembering at all times to put the customer at the centre of your SEO strategy.

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