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The Game-changer

Superb content is a game-changer when it comes to website traffic and online engagement with consumers. Christopher Walkey’s pointers will ensure that your digital marketing content strategy brings success!

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Getting people to visit your website is just half the battle when it comes to digital marketing. What really counts is converting those visitors into actual enquiries and, eventually, customers to boost your revenue in an estate agency sector that has never been more competitive.

Attracting new business is a daily challenge, one that requires as much digital marketing support – including the right sort of content – as possible.

The benefit of high quality content should never be underestimated. Content marketing and creation online – whether it is on your own company’s website or contributing digital marketing posts on another online platform – are essential because without content you cannot effectively market your business.

It is important to establish your content marketing strategy from an early stage, clearly defining what content is needed in order to reach your key audiences and generate the relevant actions. But the internet is a busy place and it is not only estate agent websites that are trying to get the attention of prospective vendors and landlords, buyers and renters. Various websites, including social media platforms, are also out there and are looking to grab engagement from browsers.

So, let’s look at what can you really do to increase the chances that those who are online and actively searching or interested in the service and products that your firm offer actually engage with you long enough for you to capture the details you require to allow you to sell to them.

“The internet is a busy place there are loads of websites trying to grab engagement from browsers.” Chris Walkey MarketMe

Online business goals:

007-digi-mktg-21-mugYour business goals probably look like this:

  • Get browsers to your website.
  • Get browsers to stay long enough on your website to warm to your brand.
  • Get browsers to share their contact details or make a direct enquiry.

Very few people purchase or rent property by making a spontaneous decision and are far more likely to research deeper in to not only the property they are viewing, but the agency which they are potentially going to engage with.

September 30, 2014

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