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Going it alone? Go with us!

Ready to make the break from being just another high street agent? Rollo Miles, CEO of Agent & Homes, offers the perfect balance.

Rollo Miles

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Do you remember why you got into estate agency in the first place? I can bet it wasn’t the long and unsociable hours, piles of paperwork and admin or dog-eat-dog culture. The commission probably helped but if you’re like me, it was the combined passion for people and property that motivated you.

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Rollo Miles

The problem is, it’s very rarely about people anymore and that’s why turnover within the industry is so high and trust in estate agents so low.

Somewhere along the way, high street agents lost their identity and individuality through mergers and acquisitions while hybrids started a race to the bottom where fees were concerned with no regard for service.

When we started Agent & Homes three years ago, we wanted to create a disruptive agency that offered both vendors and ambitious property professionals the best of both worlds. An agent that puts people first in all respects – one that gives buyers and sellers a truly personal service at fair rates backed up by local expertise and a brand that empowers independent agents to build and grow their own businesses, in their own way, with full back-office marketing and support.

Despite running into (not insignificant) challenges including Brexit and, of course, the pandemic, we’ve already got 40 former high street agents operating across central and north London, with 15 more joining us in the coming weeks.

And we want you to join us.

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself

It might sound cliché, but it’s true. Going it alone in the property industry is one of the only ways you can be successful and enjoy the work you do at the same time. But it’s a cut-throat environment that requires tenacity, thick skin… and start-up capital.

As former agents ourselves, we are well aware of the highs and lows of selling property – the intermittent periods of feast and famine. When it’s good, it’s great, but when it’s bad, it can be tough and lonely.

You can go it alone, be successful and enjoy the work you do at the same time.

At Agent & Homes, our model is designed to give agents the perfect platform from which to feed their personal ambition and propel their business forward, but with the full backing and support of a brand that would mean they could get going with minimal start-up and running costs and benefit from a team to share ideas and challenges with.

We enable you to be the agent you want to be by giving you the support and resources you need without retaining all your hard-earned commission. An experienced team backed up by the latest innovation in property technology will help you market, advertise and administer your property sales and lettings as well as generate you quality leads. You’ll have the flexibility to work how you want, when you want and where you want with the opportunity to develop multiple income streams across sales, lettings and property management if that’s what you want.

No rigid office hours, no location limitations, no career progression pitfalls.

Be the personal ‘realtor’ people want

If there’s one thing we can learn from our American counterparts, it’s that vendors value a personal and long-term relationship in property. If you can offer a professional and flexible service with local expertise then you’ll develop a loyal client base with lifetime value. And that’s what we want for you at Agent & Homes.

We don’t want you to be constrained to one or two postcode areas, have to hand over client communications to various people at various stages of the process or play to someone else’s tune. We want you to build strong relationships based on trust and an understanding of what your clients want and need, with the freedom to exercise creativity and agility when it’s called for.

Clients don’t need you to have a high street office but the ones who are looking and willing to pay for a quality service don’t want a faceless online experience either. This is where the Agent & Homes hybrid model differentiates itself and where you can stand out.

By being the estate agent you want to be, you’ll naturally attract clients who buy into your ethos and want to work with you. Because property has and always will be a people business.

Make the move!

If you’re considering your next move, make it with Agent & Homes. It’s taken some time to get right, but over the last three years we’ve developed a range of road maps to success for any agent, from part-time professionals who aim for a handful of big deals to full-time fanatics who want to monopolise their micro-markets.


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