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High Street estate agents can now use their windows to connect with a digital savvy audience.

Excellence in customer service and seamless content integration with leading CRM systems such as Alto. Here, Halo CEO Mark Evans unveils the next generation in digital screen signage.

Mark Evans

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In 2017 I set out to hone my team’s skills in a new, low cost, easy to use digital signage solution for the high street. Our mission was to create a solution that turned windows or walls into a unique digital experience between businesses and the consumer.

With a focus on the estate agent sector, we wanted to develop a solution tailor-made for its needs.

What is Halo digital signage?

There are many ways to display content to a screen; some chose the analogue version by plugging in a USB every time there’s a content change or even free software built into screens from China. There are also screen providers who use white labelled or third-party solutions with limited features.

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Mark Evans

For digital signage to be effective, however, business owners need a cloud-based solution on UK servers to guarantee peace of mind that their screens will keep on displaying and that UK-based software support is at hand.

Our next generation Halo digital signage software is new. We developed it, launched it and drew up a value proposition with the estate agency sector in mind, understanding all the while how time conscious and efficient it needs to be. Moreover, we understood the appeal of managing its properties either through automation or at the touch of a button.

The company also provides the latest ultra-bright screens – between six and ten times brighter than the highest-tech domestic screen – and sunlight readable. Each screen with Halo seamlessly integrates with any internal marketing CRM system, such as Alto, and can be left running – and attracting prospective clients – 24 hours a day.

What are the benefits?

Halo puts agents in control of the content and the messaging that they want to direct to prospective clients via PC or mobile, from anywhere. The days of property information delivered solely on print are over.

Estate agents are now dealing with clients who search online but, equally, expect property information in their windows to be exciting and mobile friendly. They want to take information away with them then go online to make better, more informed decisions. Halo makes windows and walls another active part of the customers digital decision journey, an enabler, in other words.

Our mission: to create a solution that turns walls or windows into a unique digital experience.

Halo offers unique features including an audience measurement facility where business owners can obtain a report that indicates who viewed screen content, their age and gender profiles, as well as time spent viewing each advert.

Since Covid, people are reluctant to interact with touch screens, so Halo allows estate agency window browsers to use their mobile phones to explore a range of dynamic content or control video playback via the screen, allowing them to tailor their enquiry to the agency

Halo gives owners and managers the power to schedule and update playlists or to employ different screen layouts and templates. Users can create messaging playlists with an easy drag and drop set-up to ensure they continually stand out from their competitors. They can choose from image, video, social media, web pages and RSS feeds. They can even add the news and weather for a local touch.

Who has Halo in place?

Early adopters include Ross Residential, a sales and lettings agency in Ayrshire, quickly followed by Hastings Legal and Property, the biggest agency in the Borders, which has installed the Halo system throughout its six-office estate. Halo now has full installation capability across the UK.

Why do I need it?

Halo will make an estate agent’s walls and windows work harder while reducing costs, pushing its message out with a much wider reach and driving enquiries on a level which resonates with today’s tech-savvy audience.

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