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Another house raffle firm taken to task by advertising watchdog

Company selling luxury apartments via property raffles has complaints about its ad upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Nigel Lewis

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Another home raffle firm has been banned from using an advert for an online promotion that promised  ‘A £5 ticket to your dream home’.

Raffle House Ltd was initially reported to the Advertising Standards Authority last year by complainants who challenged whether a promotion seen on Facebook was fairly administered because the method of entry was changed mid-way through.

Raffle House hoped to sell 150,000 tickets for a luxury property similar to the £650,000 London apartment it is currently marketing via its website and Facebook page.

House raffles such as the one featured in the promotion are becoming an increasingly popular way to sell houses as companies try to cash-in on the slow property market.

Popular sales route

They are also hoping to emulate Australia’s booming house raffles industry, where it’s a serious challenger to the traditional estate agency sector.

As well as two complaints about the ad, the ASA also challenged Raffle House over the promotion’s lack of a clear end date.

Despite the company claiming it had informed its customers about the payment method changes via email, and that the promotion was fair and equitable, the ASA has upheld the complaints.

It says the way the promotion was changed including the method of entry and the use of promotional vouchers was unfair to those taking part.

The ASA also says the ad broke its code by not displaying a clear end date for the promotion, something the company has promised to include in future ads.

June 26, 2019

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