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OnTheMarket ejects London estate agency after candid comments

Nine-branch James Pendleton says it has been given a month's notice after being honest about its relationship with the portal in an article.

Nigel Lewis

onthemarket james pendleton

An estate agent in SW London is to be removed from OnTheMarket after revealing that, although it was unlikely to pay for the portal’s service, the company was happy to continue trialling its service.

Nine-branch James Pendleton had been on a freebie deal but its Chief Executive Lee Pendleton says he had been honest with the portal all along that he was unlikely to sign up to paying for the service any time soon.

In an interview with The Negotiator yesterday the company’s co-founder said he had not been a believer in OTM since its launch, particularly over its original ‘one other portal’ rule, which has now been dropped, but that he was happy to continue trying out its service.

Lee (left) said he arrived at work this morning to find an email from OnTheMarket telling him that the portal has given his company a month’s notice after which its properties and profile will removed from its listings.

“I’ve always said I’ll be transparent and honest with my dealings with clients, and in the same way I’ve been honest with all of the portals we list our properties with,” says Lee.

“And I’ve been candid with OnTheMraket about my reasons for using them and on that basis they were happy to sign another year-long freebie deal with us, so to suddenly cancel it seems a bit vindictive.”

“It poses the question, who else is getting a free with them so they just have property listings?”

The Negotiator has contacted OnTheMarket for comment but so far not received a response.


October 24, 2019


  1. Oh dear. How Sad. Never mind. Watch the door doesn’t smack you on the arse on your way out Mr Pendleton! We get more enquiries from OTM than Rightmove. We got more enquiries from Zoopla …. but the quality was poor. Personal experience.

    • I would say as an Estate Agent of over 30 years that the primary concern here is not tit for tat my Dads bigger than your Dad, but rather we should focus on being held over a barrel by the online mafia with huge fees often resulting in very little value for money and a watering down of all our brands.

      Now OTM may work well for an “Auction House” in Wales but for Real Estate Agents they have made very little impact apart from a nice memorable ditty on the advert.

      I personally congratulate Mr Pendleton for his transparency and the genuine need of the Independent Estate Agents to get Real Value For Money for every marketing penny they spend.

      Especially in the current climate where the Public are being sold down the river with false claims and Agent and Portal bravado that doesn’t actually materialise.

    • Nice use of language their Evans! Instead of offending people why don’t you look at the facts and the facts are OTM didn’t produce the leads required to keep it, fact!. London, the most competitive property market on this planet, is very different market to yours but I guess you would’t know this from personal experience! Jog on!

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