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Learning LinkedIn: simple etiquette

It’s a great platform for business, but, says Tara Dulake, you need to understand the protocol and behave accordingly.

Tara Dulake

Tara Dulake imageWith social media platforms making it easier to research companies and employees, having a LinkedIn presence for your business is even more important for engaging with potential customers. It is another way of individually showcasing your agency staff which, in turn, showcases the company as a whole. Your employees listed on your page will each have their own skill endorsements from their clients or previous employment showing that they are a valuable, skilled member of your team.

LinkedIn imageA LinkedIn company page is much more than company updates and job vacancies; it is a place to post relevant industry information to your followers. Your followers won’t always necessarily be potential purchasers or renters of your properties, they may just be interested in the industry and the areas in which your properties are available. Therefore, posting a range of company and industry content will cater to everybody’s needs.

So now you’ve set up your company LinkedIn page, what’s next? When creating your profile, it is important to keep in mind that although LinkedIn is a social media platform, it is designed for the professional and corporate world. You must also remember that a company page is public by default, so we have provided some easy etiquette rules to follow:

  • If your company is present on any other social media platforms then it is a good idea to be consistent with your profile picture. You want your brand to be recognisable to your followers so it’s advised that a company logo is used.
  • An eye catching yet relevant header is always a good idea. Find an image which highlights a particular skill that your company is known for or something that showcases your customer services skills.
  • Your summary is what is going to contribute towards an individual’s decision to follow your page. Be sure to consider your target audience when putting it together, the key things you would like your audience to know about your company should be included in your summary. What you write should be accurate and interesting, if it doesn’t grab your attention then it won’t grab anyone else’s!
  • Respond promptly to messages and comments. Ignoring messages will soon create a negative impression as unanswered queries/comments could be seen by potential purchasers. Therefore you want to show them that you are attentive and keen to help, showcasing your customer service skills. Between one and two days is the recommended response time.
  • If you would like to raise awareness of an event that is taking place such as an open day, or you would like to invite a handful of your connections, you can send a message to multiple recipients – just like an email. Ensure that you do not allow recipients to see each other’s names, untick this option so that your message doesn’t appear rushed and impersonal.

Posting too little or too much on LinkedIn can be very annoying for your followers. If not enough – what’s the point in following your page? People have liked your page as they are interested in your company and want to know more about your services, be sure to provide them with regular content to keep them interested in your profile. It is recommended to post at least twice per week, and no more than once per day. Too many posts can be annoying at times and you don’t want to clog up someone’s timeline.

If your company is present on LinkedIn (as well as Twitter and Facebook), it will only make your brand appear stronger.

It creates more business opportunities, as it is yet another platform in which potential purchasers/clients can approach you to learn more about the company and the particular skills that you are showcasing on your profile. LinkedIn is now as the ‘Facebook of the corporate world’, therefore you need to remain professional and take care of your account by following these simple etiquette guidelines!

April 17, 2017

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