Agents at risk of burnout as market heats up over summer

The summer period is traditionally the busiest time of the year, but agents shelving holidays to ensure they maximise their earning potential are putting themselves at risk, according to GetAgent.

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Nearly four out of 10 (37%) estate agents have put summer holiday plans on hold with an expected summer surge in activity being the key reason for staying put, latest market insight from reveals.

But worryingly nearly the same amount (40%) say they feel at higher risk of experiencing burnout during the summer months.


While six out of 10 (63%) agents are looking forward to some annual leave for a summer holiday 37% said they don’t intend to take a break during the summer months of June, July and August.

Nearly a quarter (24%) said that they were anticipating an increase in market activity and need the manpower during what is often traditionally the busiest time of the year for the market.

However, nearly a fifth (19%) stated that they rarely take leave because they are so focussed on their professional development, with the same number stating that they are waiting until the election had passed to see how the market reacts.

Just over a third (34%) said that they are unlikely to take any annual leave following the summer season and almost a quarter (24%) stated that they are also unlikely to take all of their allocated annual leave by the end of the year, with 14% also having taken any annual leave last year.

Colby Short, GetAgent
Colby Short, Chief Executive, GetAgent

Colby Short, Co-founder and Chief Executive of, says: “The summer period is traditionally the busiest time of the year and the very best agents will be putting any plans of a well-earned break on hold to ensure they maximise the earning opportunities available to them, whilst also ensuring they have the manpower to do so properly.”

But he adds: “While the desire to go above and beyond is an admirable one, those who are set for a summer of hard work need to ensure they take the appropriate measures to avoid burnout.

“We all need a little bit of personal time to recharge and this is as important when it comes to our ability to maintain the service levels we provide.”

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