How much do you earn? Estate agency reveals £100k gross earnings for ‘stars’

eXp UK boss Adam Day is joined by his three US bosses for a candid financial chat on The Two Russells podcast about the UK operation's growth and progress.

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Self-employed agent network eXp UK boss Adam Day has revealed how much his member agents earn.

During a fascinating interview with him and three of his bosses from the US, Day initially admitted to The Two Russells Podcast that nearly 130 of his newest member agents have not earned a penny for six months due to the lag in the UK estate agency payment model.

But on the other he now has 100 agents earning a minimum of £100,000 a year gross commission some five years after launching just before Covid, and one agent in the Midlands who has hit £300,000 in one year.

During the podcast Russell Quirk, who is one of the ‘Two Russells’ alongside Russell Jervis, also asked whether most UK estate agents, who are happy to work hard within traditional ‘company’ jobs, are ‘good enough’ to be entrepreneur-style agents running their own businesses and surviving on commission alone.

“Covid was an opportunity for eXp in the UK because it made agents look at how they did business in a new way,” said Day, who believes the ‘chasm’ between employed and self-employed can be jumped.


His US boss Leo Pareja told the podcast that the UK does well because, unlike in America, most eXp agents here have already worked for years in the industry and ‘have the behaviour skillsets’ to make a success of going it alone.

During the podcast it was also disclosed that eXpUK now has some 520 affiliated estate agents in the UK and that it is the largest operation for the global firm outside its US and Canada markets.

Main image caption: (LtoR): Michael Valdes, Chief Growth Officer; UK boss Adam Day, CEO Leo Pareja and founder Glenn Sanford.

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