Agents and conveyancers now ‘more professional’ when working together

Conveyancing industry figure Lloyd Davies says after early complaints about rude behaviour during Covid, the two sectors are now getting on better.

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A leading figure within the conveyancing industry says the stresses of the post-lockdown property sales boom has created a shift in the way that conveyancers and estate agents liaise with each other, with a “more professional and understanding approach becoming more prevalent”.

The claims I made by Lloyd Davies (main pic), who heads up Convey Law and is a former operations director at the Conveyancing Association.

He was also instrumental in launching the ‘Be Kind We Care’ initiative earlier this year to encourage professionals to be kinder to each other. This followed complaints from conveyancers that they were being treated unfairly by some fellow professionals including estate agents.

“The wellbeing initiatives engendered by the industry such as “Be Kind We Care” will continue to drive standards up in the industry, as poor behaviour amongst professionals is no longer acceptable, and industry leaders are enlightened as to how they can get the best out of their teams through wellbeing initiatives and training,” he says.


“One thing we have all hopefully learned from the last 18 months is to accurately measure and ensure that conveyancers are not overloaded with work; that they take regular time away from the office on holidays to avoid burnout; that they don’t overwork from home and that they look after themselves and each other.”

Davies also claims that conveyancers have faced the most difficult time since the Second World War during the pandemic with “five quarterly Christmas and SDLT deadlines, a massive backlog of work as well as the disruption to office working,” he adds.

And the pandemic will continue to have an impact on work and lives “perhaps for several years to come, but most conveyancing practices have adapted to home working and restricted access to the office and have been operating at full capacity for most of this year,” he adds.

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