Agents around the UK sign up to join social media initiative #AgentsHereToHelp

Kristjan Byfield says he's gathering social media savvy estate agents together to help the public during the crisis and change public attitudes.

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Leading industry figure Kristjan Byfield has invited estate agents from around the UK to join him in a new initiative to launch a support campaign for the public around the social media hashtag #AgentsHereToHelp.

This, he says, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for estate agents to improve how they are perceived.

Byfield, who runs London estate agency Base Property Specialists, is in the process of establishing a Facebook page where agents can host live Q&A style events.

During these, consumers can ask questions about the property market and agents can share their knowledge and experience.

He has already persuaded 20 estate agencies to sign up to the project and commit to hosting one live event a month.

These include agencies such as David Lee, Keller Williams, Roseberry Newhouse, Danelaw Real Estate, Maurice Kilbride, NestledIn, Normie & Co, Jackie Oliver & Co, McDowalls, Mr Green, Ferndown, Robinson Michael & Jackson, Logic Estates, GoView, Dreamview, Stones and franchisees of both Fine & Country and Belvoir, as well as his own company.

“In these uncertain times, people are desperate for help and information – especially when it comes to their home,” he says.

“Trapped indoors, trawling social media and the news- but rarely finding the answers they want or need.

“I feel passionately, therefore, that there is currently a unique opportunity for agents to come together and engage with the public like never before on social media.

“That is why I am calling for agents and suppliers to back our #AgentsHereToHelp initiative.”

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  1. A really good initiative, as a real estate and proptech analyst and consultant I deal with hundreds of agents and tech companies, and giving good advice and sharing ideas is my main driver.

    It is good that some agents realise that they need a forum to ‘talk’ to their customer base, as I have always advised clients for years that they need an ever evolving inclusive social media voice – and a social media pair of ears to listen to the valuable data customers provide.

    Obviously, the current situation is making some agents realise that consumers are always on social media, and the odd Facebook post, is not going to cut it. There is a need to position your business as an industry leader.

    Many will know that I am an avid fan of LinkedIn, why? It is a forum that allows direct access to everyone in the proptech and real estate industry globally. By posting thoughtful, intelligent content, I showcase my skill set, which in turn advertises my company Proptech-PR, which in turn brings me business.

    Typically I get eight to ten thousand people reading my posts, that sounds a small number, but the quality of the readership is world class, literally hundreds of industry leaders. I am not saying they all like me or agree with me, but they know I exist. Also they comment and collaborations and business follows.

    Like anything, social media takes time, when I started it took maybe four months of a daily routine posting and contacting people before I saw any return, now 95% of my business comes directly from doing this. And it costs me less than £50 a month. So the return on investment is off the page.

    My advice, Q’s & A’s in a forum as Kristjan suggests is a start, but any good agency should have a fully integrated social media programme in place, and one of the newest and best is – Niven Chinasamy & Nick Borjlind, a great solution.

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