Agents face ‘chaotic’ scenes when new carbon monoxide rules go live – warning

UKALA is worried that as millions of PRS and social homes will soon need a carbon monoxide alarm, agents should act now, not wait.

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Lettings trade body UKALA has warned that agents face a new challenge later this year when the government’s promised carbon monoxide alarm legislation extension becomes law.

This amendment to the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 will see all rental properties within England needing a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in any room used as living accommodation fitted with a ‘fixed combustion appliance’ of any fuel type, excluding gas cookers.

Currently, this legislation only applies to properties with rooms containing solid fuel appliances such as a coal fire or wood-burning stove.

But although the legislation is some way off, UKALA is warning agents to begin preparing properties now rather than face the huge task of upgrading entire portfolios once the Act is updated.

Social housing will also be brought into scope for the first time – so expect there to be a run on monitors and alarms.

Tim Clark, chairman of UKALA says: “We welcome the new regulations, which will help to bring down carbon monoxide casualties and fatalities.

“But there is a history of new legislation resulting in fairly chaotic rushes to comply.

“The number of properties affected has the potential to cause supply chain issues.

“We urge agents and landlords to act now to avoid the difficulty of having to source large numbers of alarms between the law being passed and coming into force.”

The expected changes, which will be passed when legislative time allows, will also require carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted when new appliances, such as gas boilers or fires are installed in any home.

Also, all landlords in social and private rented sectors will be required to repair or replace smoke and carbon monoxide alarms once reported as faulty.

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