Estate agency ‘must change or face struggle to find talented staff’

Leading recruiter Sally Asling says being an estate agent is not as appealing to younger generations as it once was.

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A leading estate agent recruiter and headhunter warns the industry has to change or continue to struggle finding talented staff.

Sally Asling, Associate Recruitment Consultant, Rayner Personnel,

Sally Asling, associate recruitment consultant with Rayner Personnel, says: “We simply have a huge attraction piece to do in this business.

“We need to reform ourselves and remove old fashioned stigmas.”

She responded to a report from The Neg that ManpowerGroup revealed more than 80% of estate agents struggled to find skilled professionals.

“Many companies still have a traditional working environment, which includes long working hours and low salaries.

“Companies need to offer more modern benefits such as flexible working, competitive salaries, a five-day working week and a good work-life balance to attract and retain top talent,” Asling says in an article published on LinkedIn.

Talent shortage

”The estate agency industry has been facing a talent shortage for years. The next generation of employees has different demands and expectations from their employers, and if the industry fails to adapt, the shortage will continue.

“Being an estate agent is not as appealing to younger generations as it once was.”

If the industry fails to adapt, the shortage will continue.”

Asling has been in the property industry for over 30 years, starting her own company Surrey Lets in 2007, which she sold 10 years later. She has also worked for Keller Williams and Stirling Ackroyd.

She says companies need to ensure their brand is attractive, and must use social media platforms to showcase why they are a great place to work.

Companies need to create new titles such as ‘marketeers’, ‘presenters’, and ‘client managers’ to attract talent.

Continual training and career development are crucial to take individuals on a career pathway, she says.

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