Estate agency adopts robot viewings assistant tried out during Covid

German firm says 'digital assistant' is to be made permanent member of its team, but there's a UK estate agency employing one too!

robot estate agent

An estate agency in Germany has formally adopted what is believed to be the world’s first serious attempt to employ a robot estate agent.

This is not an early April Fools’ joke – the agency, which has branches in Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf, began using ‘Sam’, a wheeled robot, to conduct viewings during Covid in order to minimise contact between staff and potential buyers and tenants.

The robot features a screen via which viewers can interact with real staff back at the company’s branches, and has proved its worth enough to now be made a permanent member of the company’s workforce.

As well as offering virtual, 3D viewings, Sam is also able to walk viewers around a property in order to allow them to see full details of the house or flat – although no mention is made about how the 1.70 metre robot negotiates stairs.

But the agency says Sam, which looks like the love child of a skinny Dyson hoover and a iPad, includes a high resolution rotating camera, a microphone, sensors – and a positive attitude.

Digital experiences

roland robot“Sam is turning open houses into dynamic, fun digital experiences. We’ve had great feedback so far,” says Roland Kampmeyer, CEO of estate agency Kampmeyer GmbH (pictured).

“Unlike other virtual viewings, Sam offers those looking to move house maximum freedom and independence to view the property at their own pace.

The fact Sam can answer all their questions through direct access to our office is also a big plus for potential buyers.”

Sam is not the only robot working in the property industry. Aylesbury-based online estate agent also uses it robot, Alan, in a similar role, but only launched its digital assistant in April last year.

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