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A new 3D virtualisation platform, using the latest gaming and architectural technology, is now available to the property market. Revvis offers the ability to virtually walk through ‘live’ any yet-to-be-built or existing property. You can accompany and guide a potential buyer, and you can both interact with the property, adding a new dimension to viewings.

The user is able to plan and decorate the interior and the garden through a specialised menu. For example, you can view various kitchen and bathroom options; choose furniture and move it around; change the colour of the walls; select furnishings, fixtures, fittings, flooring and tiles; measure windows for curtains; check that their television isn’t too big for the living room or decide where would be best for their barbecue and outdoor furniture to go. It is the only way to truly visualise the property as their new home.

Having recently launched in March 2020, Revvis is already working with a wide range of property professionals including housebuilders, developers including two of the top five real estate agents in the UK.

Link to PropTech NewsPaul Spencer, Managing Director of Sales (UK) for Revvis said, “Virtual tours should be more than just showing a video or walkthrough, but creating greater engagement in the property and ultimately converting it to either a physical viewing, maximising sales both off-plan and existing.

“We at Revvis strongly believe the short-term norm of virtual viewings will become the standard practice for estate agents and developers going forward as businesses adapt to a more dual process to qualifying properties, that is by both the agent or developer and potential buyer vetting before a physical viewing takes place.”

This link is to one of Revvis’ recent visualisations of Gabriel Square – a townhouse in a gated development in St Albans.

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