Gender pay gap narrows among estate agency employees

But government figures reveal there's a long way to go for part-time staff

The gender pay gap between men and women’s pay within the property industry has narrowed significantly to 14.3%, down from 18.1% a year ago and 27.5% in 1997 when the government first started collecting figures.

Out of the main 20 employment sectors property now possesses the 13th lowest gender pay gap. The three worst sectors are financial and insurance services (37.4%), energy workers (28.1%) and teachers (26.7%).

Overall the UK gender pay gap is now 18.1%, the lowest on record and down from an average of 27.5% in 1997.

justine greening gender pay gap“No woman should be held back just because of her gender,” says Justine Greening, Minister for Women and Equalities (pictured, left).

“The changes we’ve made so that men and women can share their parental leave, the support we’re giving to get more women into the top jobs at our biggest companies and our drive to get more girls taking STEM [science, technology, engineering and maths] subjects at school are all helping to reduce this gap.”

But the figures for the property industry mask one uncomfortable truth – the gender gap is worse among part-time workers, who are a significant part of the workforce for many agents.

The government figures show that the gender gap among full-time property industry employees is 9.4% while among part-time ones it’s 19.3%.

And the results for next year should be even more accurate. All companies within the sector with more than 250 employees will be required by law to publish their pay and gender bonus gaps.

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