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Property professionals are being asked to take part in a survey which aims to reveal the industry's sustainability credentials in a future report by Just Move In.


Following the success of its recent webinar on how the property sector can become more sustainable, home move platform, Just Move In, is asking agents to take part in an anonymous survey about their current and future eco-friendly initiatives.


The findings will be used to compile an insightful report in the summer which aims to lay bare estate agents’ attitudes to sustainability and reveal if there are specific areas where they could do more.

Agents will be asked whether sustainability is a priority for them in 2021, whether eco-friendliness is a mere box-ticking exercise, and which specific sustainable practices they currently follow.

Just Move In has pledged to plant a mangrove tree for every respondent.”

With businesses in other sectors now realising the importance of sustainability – nearly 60% of medium-sized companies say it’s ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ important to them – it’s currently unknown whether property professionals feel the same. This new report will answer this crucial question and show how green the industry is in black and white.

Prioritising the planet

The new report will highlight agents’ approaches to sustainability in six key areas: energy use, waste, recycling, office, transport, and green initiatives.

By delving deep into these areas, Just Move In hopes to provide a snapshot of the industry’s sustainability credentials as well as offer property professionals advice on how to set realistic sustainability aspirations.

“As calls for a more sustainable economy grow, it’s vital for the property industry to lead the way,” said Tom Old, the Co-founder and CEO of Just Move In. “After all, a large proportion of our carbon footprint is created in the home”.


Agents are now being invited to contribute to the report by completing the survey that asks questions about their business’ approach to sustainability and the actions they’re currently taking. Just Move In has pledged to plant a mangrove tree for every respondent – a gesture that sustainability-minded professionals are bound to dig.

You can also watch the ‘Agents For Sustainability: How To Unlock Positive Change’ webinar here.

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