Industry webinar to tackle government inaction on lettings

Key figures from across the industry will come together in a free webinar tomorrow morning hosted by Goodlord boss William Reeve to discuss the challenges currently facing lettings.

William Reeve, Goodlordm lettings

More than 1,000 agents and landlords have now signed Goodlord’s Open Letter to the government calling on it to protect the lettings market before it’s too late.

By failing to encourage adequate supply, government policy is directly contributing to the sharp increases in rental prices, the letter says.


Now tomorrow morning key figures from across the industry will come together in a free webinar to discuss the challenges currently facing the lettings industry.

Megan Eighteen, Haslams
Megan Eighteen, Haslams

Hosted by Goodlord Chief Executive William Reeve, webinar attendees will also hear from Robert Bolwell, Senior Partner at Dutton Gregory and Megan Eighteen, Business Development Manager at Haslams.

The panel will address the key obstacles facing the lettings industry including the government’s policies to restrict landlords’ legal rights and raise taxes on property income and transactions.


William Reeve, Goodlord Chief Executive, says: “We need Government intervention and meaningful action that will build a sustainable, fair private rental sector for all stakeholders.

“This webinar will outline the challenges but also point to the strategies to overcome them and opportunities for growth in the current climate.”

Robert Bolwell, Dutton Gregory
Robert Bolwell, Dutton Gregory

Robert Bolwell, Senior Partner at Dutton Gregory, adds: “No agent or landlord is immune from the economic and regulatory pressures the market is currently facing.

“There remains huge demand in the lettings market so agents and landlords with the right approach and a sensible strategy can and will continue to thrive.”

You can register for the free webinar HERE.

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