Industry leader urges agents to ‘move with times’ or face recruitment crisis

Digital platforms must be used for recruitment, and flexible working offered to attract younger generation, Daniel Evans says.

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The property industry is out-of-touch with the digital generation, according to the Association of Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC).

Daniel Evans, Chairman, AIIC

Finding new ways to reach out to young people on TikTok, as well as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, will help recruit more talent, Daniel Evans, AIIC Chairman, says.

Evans also argues that property firms need to offer flexible working to attract people into the sector.

“By being upfront at the start of the recruitment process about what flexible working looks like at the company, the incentives, and training on offer, candidates can get a better understanding about what the role has to offer them,” he says.

Job vacancies in the property industry rank among the 15 top sectors in the country, figures released last month showed.

Analysis by also revealed that there were more than 3,000 vacant posts in ‘real estate’.

Choppy waters

Evans says studying for qualifications should be encouraged, as the construction industry has done.

“Regarding qualifications, a wide range of characteristics and skills are required to thrive in the property industry, but for many of those operating in the sector qualifications aren’t mandatory or even particularly encouraged.”

Evans says this will also help improve both the professionalism of the sector and the public perception.

“The property industry needs the next generation of talent to come through, to drive through potentially choppy waters with innovation and clever-thinking, so it pays to put a bit more effort into targeting this talent early on,” Evans says.

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