Labour plans for PRS ‘will enable tenants to avoid paying rent’ says agent

Veteran industry figure warns of dangers if Labour get into power at next election after YouGov poll shows the party 28 points ahead of the Conservatives.

Leading estate agent Trevor Abrahmsohn of Glentree International (pictured) has warned of dire consequences if Labour gets into power at the next General Election.

Trevor Abrahmsohn, Glentree Int, imageThis follows a recent YouGov poll which puts Labour at 50% of the vote and the Conservatives at 22%, down 2% from a fortnight ago.
Abrahmsohn, who is a noted Thatcherite and free market enthusiast, is worried by the arrival of Keir Starmer in No.10, particularly on the private rented sector.

The veteran agent, who as well as founding his North London estate agency was instrumental in establishing both PrimeLocation and OnTheMarket, believes a “resurgent Labour Party would unleash the green-eyed politics of envy.

“First to be financially assaulted will be the middle and upper middle classes, biffed with yet more personal taxation, higher Capital Gains Tax, VAT on school fees and a repeal of the non-Dom tax status in the UK”,” he adds.

Section 21

In comments to The Neg that pull no punches, he claims trouble will be brewing if Labour, which is aligned with many of the present Government’s inititiatives including banning Section 21 evictions, gets to implement its ideas including other changes to PRS legislation such as a rent cap.

“Misguided meddling under the guise of ‘compassion’ and ‘fairness’ could result in a resurgence of sitting tenants claiming all manner of ‘rights’ to avoid paying rent,” he says.

“Although the idiot brigade will point and smirk, landlords will just bail out of the market quicker than you can say Section 8 Eviction Order.

“The magic money tree will shrivel and rents will go through the proverbial. Who does this affect most? That’s right – the disenfranchised and genuinely vulnerable, whom [Labour] purport to represent.”


  1. Basically, the have Not’s, want what the have’s got through blood sweat and tears without getting off their @r$e and they know the party that will Rob Peter to pay Paul – is the Labour party.

    Sorry if I’ve put it in simple terms, but some things need saying as they are.

  2. What I dont get is there is no attempt to limit what the supermarkets charge for goods, the oil companies charge for petrol and diesel, nor any other sector of the retail market. How is it that we the PRS are so weak in getting over the argument that encouraging landlords to sell and leave the PRS is a way to provide housing and keep rents down. They are destroying the PRS but not putting anything in place which seems to be the way with so many policies these days, chaos on an unprecedented scale is just round the corner and we are approaching at breakneck speed with at the moment no brakes.

  3. For goodness sake the clue is in the name, PRIVATE rental sector, it’s market forces (ie tenants) who are pushing up rents not greedy landlords. We are not Social Housing but these Lefty pressure groups are pretending we are and think they can treat us as such. The disastrous UK housing shortage is the problem and making the PRS unviable is massively exacerbating the problem not helping it. There will always be rogue landlords & they should be punished but the vast majority of good caring landlords have understandably had enough of this politically motivated persecution. If it continues there will be thousands more tenants on the streets as landlords move their savings into less contentious investments!

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