‘Landlords are worried by renting reforms, but it’s not an exodus’

Leaders Romans' lettings boss says although a quarter of landlords are considering offloading properties, it's not all about the Renters (Reform) Bill.

Allison Thompson, Leaders Romans Group landlords

A significant number of landlords are selling properties but not in the volumes previously claimed, says estate agency giant the Leaders Romans Group (LRG).

Research published today by the agency research among 380 landlords reveals that 68% will maintain their property portfolios and 6% expand them, leading the firm to say that ‘previous reports’ pointing to an exodus are wide of the mark.

Of the 26% of those polled who expressed an intention to sell some of their portfolio, half pinned this on policy-related concerns while a quarter cited economic factors and further quarter mentioned “personal circumstances unrelated to income”.

A third said the renting reforms would affect how they invested.”

But a third said the renting reforms would affect how they invested, although 40% said it would not  have a direct affect.

This indicates that while policies play a role, other individual factors are also influential in landlords’ decision-making process, LRG says.

But the Renters (Reform) Bill is still making many landlords nervous – 60% of those polled believed the Bill will negatively impact them as property investors, in contrast to only 6% who believed it would have a positive impact.

Approximately half of landlords said the Bill would be good news for renters given its ‘tenant protection’ agenda.

“It is clear from the survey we have conducted that landlords are still very much invested in the lettings industry, with 74% of them planning to continue with their portfolios, providing much needed homes,” says Allison Thompson, LRG’s National Lettings Managing Director (main picture).


  1. With high interest paying accounts , all the BS over-regulation and current depreciation, only nutters would purchase a buy to let. Both shelter and the gov can claim to have ruined the rental market for tenants who are now paying the price of fairly land dream polices. If they’d encouraged landlords, there would be much greater supply and much lower rents, with LLs competing for tenants and having to offer quality homes. But then look at the state of the country full stop.

  2. As previously mentioned, a quarter of their clients thinking of getting out is massively significant & that’s just Romans. There are a great many more Landlords than that & the likes of Generation Rent, the SDP & Shelter are out to get them whatever. Instead of concentrating on building, revolutionising & improving badly run Social Housing they’re going for the easy targets. They seem to forget that we don’t have to provide accommodation for all & can walk away if it becomes unviable! The clue is in the title, PRIVATE rental sector!

    1. They seem to think we are a charity.
      That when tenant is struggling, Landlord pays. It don’t work like that.
      Mrs Marples Landlady has a choice. If she can get more return in bank with no tax no prison for tenant taking battery out smoke alarm, cause Shelter says Stop there long as u can, wait for bailiff’s, that’s one less house for next vulnerable tenant.

  3. 32% of landlrods are selling up? you say thats not an exodus? Well I do, as its not being topped up with new landlords coming in replacing them.

    Not everyone wants to nor can buy a property and renting is what thy want to do.

    Further in your article you then say 74% of landlords are continuing – this appears to contradict your earlier statements. Perhaps it does not take much to confuse me.

    Mick Roberts – Interesting photo you posted for this forum.

  4. What is happening, Landlords, new Landlords, Landlords carrying on
    ARE NOT taking the risky tenants any more.
    The lower earning tenants are the proper losers in this.
    If you not earning mega money, then there’s a queue of people that are.
    Shame as I’m biggest Benefit Landlord in Nottingham & I ain’t taking Benefit tenants any more-They all in Nottingham’s B%B’s.
    Wake up Govt & Councils.

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