Navigating the latest Google Ad trends for effective digital marketing

For estate agents, harnessing the power of paid ads, especially Google Ads, is not just advantageous, but essential in reaching prospective clients effectively.’s Ben Sellers explains all.

In an ever-evolving property market, staying ahead requires a keen understanding of the digital marketing landscape.

And in a recent exploration of the latest trends in digital marketing for estate agents, several key strategies have emerged, promising to elevate advertising efforts to new heights in 2024.


The utilisation of advanced automation and AI technologies is transforming Google Ads for estate agents in remarkable ways. Sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities allow for precise analysis of massive datasets, predicting user behaviour and optimising ad campaigns. This enables estate agents to engage with potential customers more effectively, tailoring ads to meet specific preferences and needs.

Automation technologies streamline campaign management, simplifying tasks such as bid management, ad rotation and targeting. This not only saves busy estate agents time, but also enhances ad performance by ensuring optimal resource utilisation.


Video content has emerged as a powerful tool, going beyond entertainment and becoming a preferred method in digital marketing for estate agents. Incorporating video ads into Google Ad strategies provides a transformative experience, captivating potential buyers with immersive visual journeys. These ads present properties and their surroundings comprehensively, stimulating interest and curiosity among viewers.


With the majority of searches conducted on mobile devices, the mobile-first approach is essential for estate agents. Formats such as mobile app ads and location-based ads have come to the fore, redefining the advertising landscape. Agents need to adapt their Google Ad strategy to engage with prospective clients at their fingertips. Tailored paid ads designed for the mobile user experience enable agents to reach their audience wherever they are, and whenever they’re online.


The rise in popularity of voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home have resulted in the advent of voice search adverting. Voice search advertising presents a golden opportunity for estate agents to connect with audiences in new ways. By integrating conversational tones and long-tail keywords into ad copy, agents can capture the attention of potential customers who prefer using voice commands for searches.

Early adopters could provide their business with a distinct edge, harnessing the spoken word to engage with prospective new clients and direct them to your service.


Local Service Ads (LSAs) offer estate agents the opportunity to connect with potential clients within their specific locality. Positioned at the top of Google search results, LSAs take precedence even over paid search ads, instantly resonating with local customers, amplifying an agent’s reach, reputation, and revenue.

Acting as a digital storefront, LSAs provide an immediate and relevant solution for those searching for property in a specific area. By leveraging these ads correctly, an agent can become the prominent choice in their area.


As digital practices evolve, maintaining privacy and data security is paramount. Estate agents should ensure their advertising strategies align with recent privacy laws, fostering transparency and trust with clients.

The significance of embracing digital marketing, particularly through platforms like Google Ads, cannot be overstated. By incorporating these trends into their digital marketing toolkit, estate agents position themselves as professionals adept at leveraging technology for the benefit of customers and business.

Ben Sellers is Co-Founder of Starberry, a digital marketing expert within

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