Our new Prime Minister: Boris Johnson wins the battle!

Boris bags an impressive 66.4% of the Conservative Party vote and will be our Prime Minister by lunchtime today.

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Boris Johnson yesterday won the leadership of the Conservative Party with a most generous majority – taking 66.4 per cent of the Conservative Party vote, with 92,153 votes compared to Jeremy Hunt’s 46,656.

He praised Theresa May for her “extraordinary service to this party and this country”, saying, “It was a privilege to serve in her Cabinet and to see the passion and determination that she brought to the many causes that are her legacy – from equal pay for men and women, to tackling the problems of mental health and racial discrimination in the criminal justice system.

“Thank you, Theresa. Thank you.”

He also thanked Jeremy Hunt, “I want to begin by thanking my opponent, Jeremy, by common consent an absolutely formidable campaigner and a great leader and a great politician.

After discussing the election process he added, “I read in my Financial Times this morning that no incoming leader has ever faced such a set of daunting circumstances, it said.

“Well I look at you this morning and I ask myself, do you look daunted? Do you feel daunted? I don’t think you look remotely daunted to me.
“And I think that we know we can do it and that the people of this country are trusting in us to do it and we know that we will do it. We are all going to defeat Jeremy Corbyn. We are going to get Brexit done on October 31st.”

Link to news of our new Prime MinisterProperty agents’ responses were welcoming. Robert Nichols CEO, Portico, said, “If Boris does reduce Stamp Duty, (as he has inferred) it would certainly invigorate the top end of the property market.”

Link to news of our new Prime MinisterPaul Smith, CEO of haart estate agents, said, “While Boris’ proposals for stamp duty will come as welcome news for many, we could see transactions slow in the aftermath of his victory as buyers halt activity until the policy introduction, so he needs to move quickly.”

“The countdown to our Brexit due date is back on and we will see a confidence gradually return to the market. I urge Boris to do all he can to encourage buyers and sellers to the market during this time, and to make sure that the UK can maintain its status as a homeownership democracy.”

Link to news of our new Prime MinisterJohn Stewart, Policy Manager for the Residential Landlords Association said, “As Mayor of London Boris Johnson spoke of not over-regulating the rental market, and for the need to boost the supply of homes to rent. As Prime Minister, it is vital that his Government makes good on this sentiment, ensuring policy boosts the supply of homes to rent and supports the vast majority of landlords doing a good job whilst focussing resources on finding and rooting out the crooks.”

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