‘Promptless’ AI specifically for property sector

Estate agency tech provider, Iceberg Digital, has launched an AI tool designed especially for agents in the property sector.

property sector AI

Iceberg Digital has announced the launch of Uzair, the first Microsoft-approved AI tool specifically designed for the property sector.

Uzair will significantly change the way estate agents interact with their CRM systems, autonomously performing time-consuming tasks like generating property descriptions, blogs, and other essential content.

Unlike traditional AI solutions requiring manual prompts, Uzair uses existing data both inside and outside of the Lifesycle CRM to generate property descriptions with a simple click. Depending on the property, Uzair will do this with no user input required because Lifesycle allows the owners of new instructions the ability to complete the PIQ online, which Uzair will access and combine with additional information to craft a title, short or long property description into the required fields directly inside the Lifesycle CRM.

Similarly, Uzair’s features include content creation ideas for prospect nurturing, enabling agents to craft engaging articles and marketing emails that already have a title, introduction, and body content that can be reviewed and published instantly. Agents can also create and schedule all their monthly content, including blogs and social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms, including building email templates, in just a few minutes.

Communication and conversion

Another automated feature of Uzair is its ‘Vendor Care’ tool, which extracts crucial information such as how long the property has been on the market, how many people have looked at the full details online and if there have been any offers to suggest next steps that agents can present to the clients.

The Uzair Engage optional client-facing plugin also guides visitors through interactive conversational experiences to aid conversion, taking them from property valuations to assessing the specific demand from buyers on an agent’s database.

Future developments on the horizon include the ability to respond to buyer and tenant enquiries, register them, match them to properties and understand best-performing valuers and portals.

Mark Burgess imageMark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital (pictured), said: “The Uzair revolution is an ongoing journey, and as developments unfold, you can expect to witness even more innovative features that redefine efficiency and client engagement, lowering the outgoings and increasing the customer experience of your estate agency.

“Lifesycle makes anything possible and without it everything we have done and will do would not be possible either. Uzair isn’t just an artificial intelligence tool; it promises progress and efficiency and now takes its place alongside the hundreds of other innovative tools around the Lifesycle platform.”

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