Propertymark chief urges Labour to regulate estate agents

Nathan Emerson, the trade body's CEO, says a Labour Government led by Sr Keir Starmer should license agents and introduce a code of practice.


Trade body Propertymark has called on a future Labour Government to license estate agents and introduce a code of practice.

Propertymark’s CEO Nathan Emerson has urged the party to introduce regulation for property agents through qualifications, a statutory code of practice, a fit and proper person test and membership of a professional body.

Labour is holding its annual conference in Liverpool this week, and Propertymark has taken its chance to press the case.

Labour has an opportunity to lead on agent regulation.”

Nathan Emerson, CEO at Propertymark, says: “Labour has an opportunity to lead on agent regulation and drive-up standards for consumers.

“The current Government at Westminster has said that all property managers in the social rented sector should be qualified, so we urge Labour to join our calls and extend these requirements to letting agents, estate agents and managing agents”.


Propertymark is also calling on Labour to ensure any new energy efficiency targets for housing are realistic, avoid a one size fits all approach and are complimented with grants, loans, and funding to incentivise landlords and homeowners.

Improving the home buying and selling process, is also a Propertymark priority, as is the sector’s work on enhancing upfront information.

Other priorities include:
  • More investment in the courts system
  • Retain fixed term tenancies where all parties want them,
  • Avoid rent controls
  • Review all taxes impacting private landlords to incentivise investment
Timothy Douglas - Propertymark - image
Timothy Douglas, Head of Policy, Propertymark

On leasehold reform, Timothy Douglas, head of policy and campaigns, says: “Policy makers must level the playing field with those who already own a leasehold property, make enfranchisement easier, simplify the process for lease extensions, and where there is no managing agent, freeholders must sign up to a redress scheme.”

Regulation of Property Agents is alive and kicking… just


  1. Typical Government policies – you really are set on vilifying Landlords and Agents – we’re not all rogues! Like with The Tenant Fees Ban 2019, you’re using a sledgehammer to crack an egg. Why don’t you just target the rogues and leave us to get on with our jobs of serving our local communities.

    Why don’t you target airports, where they charge you £10.00 just for driving onto their tarmac, or solicitors, who charge you as soon as they pick up phone?!

    Sorry, end of rant!

  2. Reputable Estate Agents have been asking for professional regulation for decades because they have nothing to hide & are sick of being demonised by the actions of dodgy ones. Whether the current shadow Labour administration are capable of implementing a definitive long lasting one is entirely another question!

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