Up-front information platform signs up first 100 estate agencies

Ruth Beeton launched Home Sale Pack in February which allows agents to provide all prospective buyers with an up-front information pack.

Ruth Beeton, Home Sale Pack

Home Sale Pack, the online platform designed to slash conveyancing times, has now signed up 110 estate agency firms and already has 32 packs in progress and 13 waiting to be processed.

The platform launched in February and provides buyers with an up-front information pack containing all of the vital information they require to make an informed and timely decision about whether to purchase the property.


Last year some 269,728 UK home sales fell-through and one reason so many sales collapse is the amount of time it takes to complete the conveyancing process – currently averaging 12 to 16 weeks.

Home Sale Pack allows agents to provide all prospective buyers with an up-front information pack, containing documents such as local authority search results, flood risk assessments and planning permissions.

Agents are sick of the unnecessary delays we’ve come to expect.”

Ruth Beeton (main picture), Co-Founder of Home Sale Pack, says: “We’ve been up and running for just over one month and we’ve already received 100 registrations which we’re delighted with. It’s proof that agents are sick of the unnecessary delays we’ve come to expect from selling a home in the UK.

“They’re seeing their clients raked over the coals by desperate inefficiencies in the buying and selling process, and as a result agents are seeing sales slip away.”

And she adds: “We’re excited to be able to provide a genuine solution to a very real and universal problem. And we welcome all agents to sign up and join us as we look to change the UK property landscape for the better.”


A recent survey from Home Sale Pack found eight out of 10 (82%)  buyers had been waiting to hear Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget statement before making their final decision on whether or not to move.

One reason for their waiting was to see whether or not the government planned to introduce any homebuying incentives in the Budget. Over half (52%) said say they had been hoping to see some form of pro-homebuyer policy announcement, such as 99% mortgages or stamp duty relief.

Beeton says: “Agents need to be ready for an increase in activity, and a big part of that is having systems and processes in place to ensure that each homebuying and selling journey moves as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

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