Tenants offered new support service in TDS and OpenBrix deal

A new tie-up between the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, OpenBrix and Home will provide a tenancy advice platform, enabling tenants to complete ID checks and sign important documents digitally among other facilities.

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The Tenancy Deposit Scheme has signed a deal with challenger portal OpenBrix to create a new ‘real-time’ support service for tenants.

In a tie-up that also includes digital platform Home, tenants will be able to access a free online chat option, and get help finding information.

Single interface

The new system will use OpenBrix’s Tlyfe technology (main picture), and give access to Home’s services in a single digital interface.

With many tenancy deposit return delays due to property cleanliness issues, the new system provides a cleaning company recommendation. There is also information on broadband and storage providers.

Deposit info

Access to deposit details is a feature, which ensures renters are aware of how their deposit is protected, and how to reclaim it at the end of their tenancy.

A home concierge is always on hand to help with any tenant or landlord needs.

Adam Pigott, CEO, OpenBrix

Adam Pigott, CEO of OpenBrix, says: “This partnership isn’t just about digitalisation – it’s about liberation. Together with Home and TDS, we’re changing the rules on traditional renting, putting power back into the hands of tenants – where it belongs.”

Matt Spence, Home
Matt Spence, Founder and CEO, Home

Matt Spence, Founder and CEO of Home, says: “We’re on a mission to make renting as seamless as possible. By taking a collective, tenant-centric approach, we’re not just transforming the rental experience – we’re redefining it.”

Last year, OpenBrix reached agreement with digital ID platform Yoti to provide tenants with an integrated ‘onboarding’ package.

Geared at supporting tenants in using Tlyfe, the collaboration enables them to complete ID checks and sign important documents digitally.

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  1. This is what excellent looks like, full disclosure Adam Pigott and team are our second ever client at Proptech-PR (A consultancy for Proptech Founders) and through the years like a proud parent we have watched them scale, we also facilitated the Yoti partnership and got them some funding, and we are still powering their advance. The formal tie up with Matt Spence’s Home couple with the pre-existing ties with TDS will ensure that all of these interlocked businesses will get a huge collective win. Brilliant property technology though based on Saas and development, fundimentally needs to serve a big purpose, for multiple users on a repeatable basis; nurturing the tenant journey, speeding the digital plough in the rental sector. This is a big win for all parties.

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