Leading industry figure claims Reservation Agreements being ‘foisted’ on industry

Buying agent and media pundit Henry Pryor has also claimed that the agreements will not speed up the process as intended.

henry pryor reservation agreements

Two leading industry figures have crossed swords on Twitter over the proposed new Reservation Agreements being prepared for a government trial later this year, and the advisory group preparing the document.

On Friday The Negotiator reported that the 150-member Kate Faulkner-led Home Buyers and Seller’s Group (HBSG) had finalised the wording for a trial of the Reservation Agreements which, she has subsequently pointed out, will now be assessed by the Ministry of Housing.

But in trademark combative style, Henry Pryor has claimed on Twitter that the agreements will not speed up the process and will just “give conveyancers time to thrash out the details that should have been prepared earlier and add to the cost of buying and selling”.


Pryor also claimed that the agreements will be ‘foisted’ on the industry like Home Information Packs were by Labour during the noughties and that Faulkner’s group has too many ‘grey hairs’ that are not involved in the day-to-day selling of homes.

But Pryor met his match online when Mike Day of industry consultancy Integra Property Consulting joined the fray, who sits on the HBSG and, like the others, give his time for free.

He rebuffed Pryor’s comments that the HBSG is a ‘quango’ and pointed out that its composition had changed in recent months to include members with more operational experience.

Day also invited Pryor to join the group, rather than pull it apart from the outside, although Pryor did not flatly turn down the invitation.

The comments by Day and Pryor were made during an online debate about Reservation Agreements within the social media platform initiated by Simon Badbury of estate agency Thomas Morris.

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