SHOCK: All of RICS’ professional standards board resign

Chair, Dame Janet Paraskeva and nine other members of the SRB have resigned without publicly explaining why.

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The entire board responsible for setting and policing professional standards within the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) have resigned, it has been revealed.

In a shock statement both on its website and within an email to members sent out yesterday evening, the organisation’s President Ann Gray revealed that the Chair of the RICS Standards and Regulation Board (SRB), Dame Janet Paraskeva (main picture) along with all its members, had tendered their resignations.

The members are Bruce Haswell, Leigh Miller, Richard Waterhouse and Dele Oyekanmi plus five independents.

The SRB sets the rules and monitors the performance of surveyors to maintain ‘appropriate protection for consumer and clients’, and also conducts investigations into those who don’t meet the standards it sets, overseeing the independent tribunal that decides on their fates following misdemeanours.


But the SRB also supervises some highly contentious and political areas including implementing recent guidance on property investment, developing technical guidance on evaluations of buildings with cladding and the correct use of the EWS1 forms, and setting surveyors’ rules of conduct including social media.

An even hotter potato has been its work to implement the Bichard Review of RICS’ governance following the scandal that enveloped the organisation in 2021. The review included a rejection of calls for an outside regulator of standards rather than the internal one run by Paraskeva.


A statement released by RICS last night, which hints at the reason for the entire SRB’s resignations, says: “RICS passionately believes in robust self-regulation in the public interest.

“We thank Dame Janet and her colleagues on the SRB for their service to RICS – their contributions have been immensely valuable across numerous areas including the new Rules of Conduct, fire safety and valuation.

Our activities remain in full operation and there is no break in the continuity of regulatory functions.

“Our staff and governance bodies will continue to work on the assessment of professionals, the setting of professional standards and the regulation of the profession.

“We have begun the search for a replacement Chair and board members and look forward to working with them to drive forward RICS’ transformation programme.”

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