Talent shortage hits estate agencies, reveals major report

Recruitment giant Manpower says more than 80% of estate agencies are struggling to find skilled staff.

Most estate agencies are struggling to find skilled staff and now have to offer extra benefits to attract workers, according to a major new report on talent shortages.

The survey by giant recruitment agency ManpowerGroup shows that most industries, including property, are having great difficulty filling roles.

There is a 17-year high of employers facing recruitment problems, with 77% reporting issues, Manpower says.

Nearly three in five organisations (57%) plan to offer more flexibility for when or where work is done, as talent recruitment issues get worse.

Skills needs are changing faster than ever and talent is at a premium. Employers are reassessing their workforce needs and how to meet them.

Many employers (72%) are now planning to invest in existing staff by offering them skills training, Manpower says.

Anthony Hesse, MD, Property Personnel

Anthony Hesse, MD of recruitment agency Property Personnel, agrees that there are severe staffing issues at present.

“It is a nightmare to recruit people,” he told The Neg. “A lot of people are fishing in the same pond.”

He says some estate agencies are using recruitment firms now, when they haven’t done so before.

A lot of people are fishing in the same pond.”

“There is no easy fix,” he says. Employers now have to offer extra benefits such as flexible hours and home working.

There aren’t professionals with 2-3 years’ experience at present which some firms are looking for, as Covid lockdowns prevented staff from starting new jobs.

“Not a lot of people are switching careers to become estate agents,” Hesse says. “Long hours and salaries are putting people off. It isn’t regarded as sexy a job, as it once was.”

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