BLOG: ‘The left-wing zealots who make up Momentum have not gone away’

Glentree International boss Trevor Abrahmsohn says that if the British electorate are so naïve to believe that the Labour Party has had a Road to Damascus moment they are going to be in for a surprise.


Talk about running with the hares and the hounds the leader of the Labour Party is trying to garner votes for next year’s impending General Election by promising everything to everyone.

Not long ago the Labour Party were professing great partisanship for the protection of the Green Belt from those nasty developers who deigned to want to make a profit by building homes.

Although I agree in principal that every avenue must be explored to help bridge the housing shortage deficit, I am having trouble (along with many others) trusting the word of a person who, not too long ago, was an avid supporter of the incrusted Jeremy Corbyn, his mantra and his acolytes.


The fiercely left-wing zealots who make up Momentum have not gone away and if the great British electorate are so naïve to believe that the Labour Party has had a Road to Damascus moment they are going to find out the full horror of their folly if they vote for them.

I have been calling for a root and branch reform of the planning process for eons now but you know what the old adage says, campaign in poetry and rule in prose.

Although his soundbite ‘build don’t block’ is music to my ears, frankly, as Oprah Winfrey’s philosopher Maya Angelo, once said: “When people tell you who they are, believe them the first time!”

Maybe the Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt combination is far too honest to change the Tory party’s fortunes at the next election but I am genuinely concerned that the great British public, who can be trusted, may well opt for change for change sake.

Starmer has already spent the £3 billion or so savings from abolishing the non-dom status, many times over and how foolish would this be for the UK to be building obstacles to wealthy foreign nationals who want to invest their money in this country particularly in the post-Brexit era.


Our socialistically inclined European competitor nations, those such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and France and the like are making bespoke tax law changes to accommodate the wealthy non-doms who will be dispelled from this country.

They are not idiots, they know that these investors generate huge returns, employ people, and invest in their country and if the UK are too stupid to know what is good for them and be blinded by the Labour Party dogma, then more fool us for not seeing the wood for the trees.

Elswhere, education is the future wealth of the nation and we all know that the state system is creaking at its knees.

Yet the left-wing zealots of the Labour Party are clamouring to eliminate the charitable status of private schools and force them to charge 20% VAT on fees.


There will be an avalanche of former private pupils descending upon the state schools increasing the ratio of teachers to pupils which will inevitably lead to the dumbing down of the education system. This could be the hefty price we pay for political obsession.

Although none of us should tolerate abuse by landlords of the rental sector, rent controls and changes to the Rent Act can only serve to reduce the supply of available rental properties which will drive rental prices northwards as the supply shrinks.

It’s another example of the dead hand of government trying to interfere with markets to the detriment of the populace.

Trevor Abrahmsohn (main picture) is founder and MD of London estate agency Glentree International.

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