US deal makes British virtual viewings firm one of most widely distributed proptech platforms in the world

EyeSpy360 has signed an agreement with Lone Wolf Technologies, which is to distribute its service among the company's 1.4 million estate agent customers.

British virtual tours firm EyeSpy360 has bagged a second distribution deal for its service after being added to a major estate agency software company’s suite used by 1.4 million realtors across America.

The deal follows last week’s news that the London-based proptech firm had signed a similar but global deal with US estate agency giant RE/MAX, which has 11 branches in the UK.

Hot on the heels of this, EyeSpy360 has now signed a deal with Lone Wolf Technologies, the US’s largest supplier of estate agency software, which also has an office in London.

It also offers agents a recently-launched Marketplace suite of third-party service suppliers designed to be used in each stage of the sales transaction process.

Andrew Nicholls (top, left), founder of EyeSpy360, says: “Lone Wolf’s Marketplace comes at precisely the right time for the real estate industry.

“The digital tools that agents and brokerages are using today aren’t going to suddenly become irrelevant once ‘normal’ returns. This is the norm now.”

Michael Valentine (top, right), co-founder and COO says “EyeSpy360’s scalability and ease of integration has been instrumental in allowing easy access to our technology quickly and affordably”

Both announcements means his platform is now one of the most widely distributed British proptech products in the US where every year some 5.5 million homes are sold in a normal year.

“As we expand our marketplace, we are always looking at partners who can serve our customers with innovative solutions – and EyeSpy360 does just that,” says Jason Cheverton of Lone Wolf.

“Their intuitive, cost effective, and feature rich platform is a great addition to our marketplace – particularly during these challenging times – but also for years to come, as business continues to become more digital and technology driven.”

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  1. Eyespy360 – Andrew Nicholl’s & Michael Valentine’s proptech company is like many now coming into its own due to the pandemic, which like so many proptech companies I deal with are seeing a massive uptake in their services. Strange how it takes a world shattering event to awakening all of the real estate industry to the efficiencies and ‘truths’ that I and many in my circle have been advocating for so long.

    Well done Eyespy360 – leading the charge – showing that real estate and the old models of real estate are changing, sometimes almost overnight. Two months ago video conferencing was not a tech tool of the masses, now it is a staple of everyone’s daily life.

    Adoption and adaptation, are the two A’s coming out of this terrible Covid-19 crisis, and any agent thinking that the public want to go back to the usual slow ways of residential and letting agency business, need to look at that wrecking ball with the words Proptech progress painted on it, poised to smash into their business.

    For me you either want to be driving the business forward in control of that ‘wrecking ball’ or taking retirement, because your Gen-Z public, half the world’s population want a snappy, omni-channel plug in and play, clickety click fun ride when they transact property, not an answer phone switched to off.

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