Warring agents and conveyancers need to cooperate, says new report

Estate agents and conveyancers need to work together rather than tossing hand grenades over the barricades, it is claimed.

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Bickering between estate agents and conveyancers needs to stop if they want to build better business outcomes for both themselves as well as their clients.

So says analysis from conveyancing platform Coadjute which shows better communication and cooperation between estate agents and conveyancers, as well as showing each other more respect, will lead to better outcomes all round.

The tech company’s latest report, ‘Working Better Together’, reveals both estate agents (36%) and conveyancers (27%) believe improving how they communicate, and work together is key to improving the home-buying process.

And despite technology strengthening ties better skills and processes would make work easier:  68% of estate agents and conveyancers surveyed believe technology has had a positive impact on the relationship but believe simpler processes (26%), more skilled people (24%), and access to the right information (17%) are most critical in making work easier.

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Iain Mckenzie, Guild of Property Professionals

Iain McKenzie, chief executive of The Guild of Property Professionals, said: “Consumers have changed, so as an industry, we must change too.

“Any barriers that stand in the way of achieving success for the customer must be addressed.”

And Rob Hailstone, founder of the Bold Legal Group, added: “I’m confident we will find our way through the existing challenges. We’ve got to as people will be buying and selling homes for a long time to come. Meaningful change can only happen when there is a willingness on all sides to achieve it.”

Referral fees are a major concern for both parties, the report says.

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Dan Salmons, CEO, Coadjute

Dan Salmons, chief executive of Coadjute, (pictured) said: “It is clear the difficulties of recent years have created even greater challenges for both conveyancers and estate agents and the relationship between them.

“Both professions would like to see: a more seamless property market, where buying and selling a home becomes a less stressful experience for all involved.”

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